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Investor looks to keep nHealth plan alive

Richmond BizSense September 14, 2010 0

Paul Nezi wants to salvage the high deductible, low premium approach to health care

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nHealth fallout deals blow to small employers

Michael Schwartz June 16, 2010 6

Lost in the politics of a local health insurance firm’s decision to exit the insurance market is the fate of the small businesses who offered the company's insurer’s plans to its employees

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With healthcare reform looming, nHealth was losing millions

Michael Schwartz June 11, 2010 14

The financial records of nHealth, the Richmond-based startup health insurer that said last week it was shutting down as a result of federal healthcare reform, show it was losing millions in its first year

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Startup health insurer shutting

Michael Schwartz June 4, 2010 19

The hotly debated healthcare reform bill signed into law in March has killed a local insurance company, and one that had raised more than $10 million from mostly local investors.

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Guest Opinion: Health care woes demand new thinking

Paul Kitchen May 29, 2009 3

Paul Kitchen, CEO at a new health insurance startup, says costs can be better contained when consumers approach their health care bills the same way as other purchases, and reap the rewards of living

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A Richmond startup tries to cut health care costs

Aaron Kremer June 10, 2008 0

A Richmond startup thinks there’s a market for treating health care more like car repairs – encouraging employees to pay out-of-pocket for routine tune-ups and letting insurance cover the accidents and emergencies. Hoping to

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