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Dawn Smith v. Wood Bridge Crossing Association

Plaintiff claims $750,000 in damages for debilitating injuries, saying she tripped and fell on concrete in disrepair on an unlit sidewalk and that defendant was aware of its unsafe condition.

Attorneys: Mark S. Paullin of Paullin Law Firm

Filed: June 16, 2017. CL17001621

Tak Tent, L.P. v. Merricks Construction, Inc.

Plaintiff says defendant about Oct. 19, 2012, installed wood members on a replica headstock located at 13150 N. Woolridge Road, and claims the wood members have cracked and deteriorated to the extent that in August 2016, a beam sheared off and dropped, causing a danger to persons and property. Plaintiff will be unable to use the project or surrounding area during repairs and/or replacement, it says, and it seeks damages of $500,000.

Attorneys: W. Alexander Burnett of Williams Mullen

Filed: June 13, 2017. CL17001586

Teletrac, Inc. v. 3 M’s B&T Transport, LLC

Plaintiff says it provided equipment and services and is owed the principal balance of $28,163.80.

Attorneys: P. George Eliades II of The Eliades Law Firm

Filed: June 12, 2017. CL17001565