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Elwood Staffing Services, Inc. v. Retention & Operations Group, LLC d/b/a Surpass; Surpass, Inc.; and Kenneth Nemcovich

Plaintiff says it provided staffing and services and is owed the principal balance of $103,284.60.

Attorneys: P. George Eliades II, The Eliades Law Firm

Filed: January 10, 2017. CL17000054

James H. McVey v. American Airlines, Inc.

Plaintiff says the airline mishandled the transport of his champion hunter dog, Abi, telling him that Abi would make its connection from Dallas to Richmond and was “fine,” when the dog was flown to Charlotte and was not fine. Plaintiff claims defendant made false statements and concealed information and that the dog required veterinary treatment after the incident, and seeks compensatory damages of $40,000 and punitive damages of $35,000.

Attorneys: Henry W. McLaughlin of The Law Office of Henry McLaughlin

Filed: January 11, 2017. CL17000075


Edmond Neal v. The Kroger Co. and Kroger Limited Partnership I

Plaintiff says defendant allowed liquid to accumulate on the floor of the store at 9351 Atlee Road, causing injuries for which he seeks $750,000.

Attorneys: Brooke T. Alexander and Brody H. Reid of Reid Goodwin

Filed: January 11, 2017. CL17000124