Kaine Expands Telework Policy

Now bloggers and stay-at-home moms aren’t the only ones who can work in their pajamas.

Virginia’s existing Kaine Expands Telework Policy has just been expanded to include about 120 employees who work for Governor Timothy Kaine’s Office and Cabinet.

“Telework reduces energy consumption, both in the amount of gasoline used for daily commuting and in-office building energy costs,” said Kaine in a statement released by the Governor’s press office.

Almost 23,000 of the state’s 95,000 employees are eligible to telework. According to an article in the Times-Dispatch, about 5,000 take advantage of the opportunity.

“Rising fuel prices, the escalating cost of commuting to work, worsening traffic congestion and reduced air quality” were listed by Kaine as reasons for the switch, according to the statement.

The announcement came yesterday from Gov. Kaine himself, who is currently on a marketing mission in England and Ireland.

Telework means working away from your usual worksite. Staffers can work from home, from telework centers, or from their company’s satellite centers.

Officials hope that state employees will take advantage of the system, which will help the state save on energy costs and help employees save on fuel costs.

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