Booted from Craigslist: Oldest profession needs to find new ways to market

craigslistoverRichmond’s call girls and their customers are no longer using Craigslist as a virtual bulletin board to arrange business.

The popular website has a new warning, “Human trafficking and exploitations of minors are not tolerated – any suspected activity will be reported to law enforcement.”

Postings about intimate nights for sale are getting flagged and quickly taken down.

The site used to get dozens of postings a day from local women and a few men. In typical internet fashion, patrons would also warn other customers about the quality of the merchandise. Now there is nary a post per day to be found.

Many of the women who used to post included their 804 phone numbers. They sometimes listed a price by the half hour. Others were apparently out-of-towners who travel around doing this sort of thing. BizSense’s calls went unreturned when we first looked into it.

In January we reported that the Richmond Police Department was not investigating it.

This likely is bad news for the women who make their living this way – as it must now be harder to find customers.

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