Ode to a Mutual Fund Mentor

A veteran Richmond financial advisor writes a touching account of a mentor in his latest industry newsletter.

George Scott III, with Closed-End Fund Advisors, writes that the investing guru John Marks Templeton was a wonderful mentor who both inspired and illuminated his career.

Templeton was a billionaire investor who died in July at age 95. He was perhaps best known as a mutual fund pioneer who dedicated much of his fortune to religion and science.

In the latest issue of the Scott Letter, which George prepares regularly for the investment community, he writes,

“ He also influenced me in the realm of time management, something very important in business … When you were with Templeton, however, you always had a sense that he had more things to do than time to do it, but you also felt that when you were with him, his time was yours.”

Scott, 71, met Templeton while on assignment for the Scott Letter and other investment related publications. Scott has also worked at Scott & Stringellow (which was founded by his grandfather), Anderson Strudwick, and elsewhere. Early in his career he was a journalist.

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