A model for surviving a slowdown

Despite a local dip in advertising spending, a Richmond model agency says business is steady.

Modelogic Inc., a Church Hill model and talent agency that provides faces, bodies and voices for advertisements, represents about 450 models and actors from around the region and works with clients ranging from the Virginia Lottery to VCU to the US Army.

President Stacie Vanchieri said she was worried earlier in the year. She had concerns about the sluggish economy and thought that the company might see a slow-down.

As it turns out, her worries were justified. The summer is typically slow for most media companies, but local radio, print and TV executives say they’re selling an unusually low number of ads, down from 10% to 25% in some categories.

Instead, Modelogic has seen a steady flow of clients.

“Our next big thing is going to be putting videos of our models on the website, but we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to shoot them yet,” Vanchieri said.

Filming was supposed to take place this summer. Instead Modelogic’s stable of models and actors have been posing for the camera.

Vanchieri said that the company sets goals based on rates (how many billable hours their models / actors work), and they are currently meeting or exceeding all of their goals. She wouldn’t discuss specific numbers because they fluctuate based on the client, the model, and the type of ad.

Modelogic has two casting facilities in Richmond; one is located at 2100 East Main Street, and the other is at 2501 East Broad Street. The Broad Street site is also the location of the company’s headquarters.

Alec Depcrynski chose to pursue journalism instead of modeling. He did go on TV yesterday. You can read about that here.

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