Governor Kaine’s wandering eyebrow now on T-shirts

kainetshirtThe Democratic Party of Virginia took a joke about an over-expressive politician with a rebellious left eyebrow and turned it into a money-making opportunity.

T-shirts featuring Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s “Smilin’ Eyebrow” logo are for sale at $30 a pop on the party’s website. As are buttons, bumper stickers and posters that show the logo.

For $100 Kaine will autograph a “Smilin Eyebrow” poster. Proceeds will be used to fund campaign efforts for the Democratic Party.

Here’s the backstory.

In 2006, Kaine gave the Democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union address. You can watch it here

During the speech, Kaine continuously arched his left eyebrow. Apparently he does this a lot, but this was his first time on a national stage. The media ate it up. Blogs held “Tim Kaine Eyebrow Watches”, and even NPR got in on the act.

kainerock1Some pundits found it distracting, even saying that it damaged his chance to be the vice presidential pick of Barack Obama.

I find it hilarious. It reminds me of the Rock, a former WWF wrestler turned actor who constantly raises his eyebrow, earning it the nickname “The People’s Eyebrow.” And apparently I wasn’t alone

You can watch Kaine talk about his eyebrow on the Daily Show with John Stewart here.

Alec Depcrynski is a BizSense staff writer. You can send him story tips or T-shirt logos by emailing [email protected]

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