The Sight of Music

A Glen Allen engineer has designed a new set of speakers with a built-in spectrum analyzer aimed at computer-gaming males.

“My goal was to merge the analyzer display with the fact that may target demographic – males ages 16 to 34 – spend more time on the PC than with TV,” said Link Parikh.

“ Also, there are up to 6 billion subscriptions of movies, videos and gaming.”

The set of speakers, called BluTiger 6000, costs $300 has sold more than 100 units since going on sale over the summer, Parikh said. The speakers are for sale on the website.

Parikh is trying to raise $2 million to $5 million for pay for more inventory and advertising.

The product features 200 bright blue LEDs that dance up and down with the beat of the music or the sound effects of a video game.

Parikh, who also works full-time as an engineer for a local company, had the idea 27 years ago when he wanted a car stereo that had the visual display. At the time he was a sophomore in college.

“You only have to look at them to feel it. It’s the visual form of all the sound your hearing,” Parikh said.

The unit is manufactured in China.

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