Another book out by a Richmond business woman

Find your reading glasses. At the beginning of the month RBS ran a story about local business men and women who write books. Since we ran that story, a few more authors came out of the book stacks.

“Writing a book remains a popular pastime and calculated strategy for local business leaders. For some, authoring a book – with or without a ghostwriter – is a way to demonstrate expertise and establish street cred to promote consulting. For others it’s a ticket to the speaking circuit, where fees can range from a $100 honorarium to more than $10,000. Still other entrepreneurs say they just want to share what they’ve learned and help budding business owners navigate the challenges they encountered.”

Marta C. Wilson, the founder of Transformation Systems Inc, has a new book out entitled, “Leaders in Motion” Winning the Race for Organizational Health, Wealth, and Creative Power.” Her company does leadership consulting and was founded in 1994.

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