Richmonders driving less

Richmond motorists are spending less time on the roads – or at least avoiding the tolls on the Southside.

According to the Richmond Metropolitan Authority, traffic at the Powhite Parkway mainline toll plaza has been falling since February compared to the previous year.

Around 543,000 fewer drivers have passed through the tolls so far this year than at the same point in 2007. And that discrepancy grew during the warmer months.

In July 2008, 2,710,600 motorists whizzed though the Powhite Parkway tolls. That’s down from 2,843,711 in July of 2007, or a decrease of 133,111 vehicle’s trips.

The months of May and June saw similar decreases; 2,678,526 drivers passed through in June this year, or 213,412 less than the June 2007. May saw its numbers shrink from 2,996,692 in 2007 to 2,806,225 in 2008, a difference of 190,467 drivers.

On the flip side, April saw a difference of only 3,520 drivers between last year and this year. And in February of 2008, 2,750,815 motorists went through the Powhite tolls, 141,162 more than in February 2007.

August numbers for 2008 were not available in time for publication.

Powhite Parkway Total Traffic:

Month 2008 2007 Difference
February 2,750,815 2,609,653 +141,162
March 2,851,758 2,995,435 -143,677
April 2,824,173 2,827,693 -3,520
May 2,806,225 2,996,692 -190,467
June 2,678,526 2,891,938 -213,412
July 2,710,600 2,843,711 -133,111

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