Laid off alumni turn to resume database

 More than 45  job hunters have posted their resume to Virginia Commonwealth University’s alumni database that launched on January 26, according to Katherine Oliver, communications director for the School of Business.

 “We definitely have people from Circuit City, lots from Qimonda,” Oliver said.

Other job seekers have been laid off from Wyeth, insurance companies, and banks, Oliver said. Most are from Richmond, but a few are alumni in other parts of the country. Oliver said ten employers have registered so far.

“Our strategy has been first to get out word to the alumni to post their resumes so the information will be there when we drive employers to the site,” Oliver said.

 Only alumni of the university’s engineering and business schools are free to post their resume on the site. Employers are able to register and review resumes for free as well.

Oliver said the resumes are evenly balanced between job seekers with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as a few PhDs. Previous work experience listed in the resumes includes project management, human resources, accounting, and IT.

For more: VCU Alumni Resume Database

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