Listener revolt over Clear Channel layoffs

As part of nationwide cuts, radio giant Clear Channel Communications split up a popular morning show duo on Q94 94.5 FM.

Sid Kelly, of the Sid and Melissa Morning Show, was fired from the station and the show disbanded. It has been replaced it with The Elvis Duran Morning Show from Z-100 in NYC.

The other half of the duo, Melissa Chase, has been moved to an afternoon slot and is the only remaining local DJ at the station.

In all, three full-time employees and three part-time on air personalities were eliminated from the station.

Now the station’s listeners are starting to react by signing an online petition created by a fan of the morning radio show. More than 560 have signed so far.

From the petition:

We also don’t like this decision because in Richmond there is very little variety in the choices of radio stations and this decision makes the variety even slimmer. The canceling of the Melissa and Sid Morning Show will surely result in a decrease in listeners because there are very loyal fans.

According to the Radio Business Report, the layoffs could have back fire on the station:

Clear Channel is desperately trying to lower costs in this tough ad environment—and trying to make loan covenants on stations it bought over a decade ago that were much more valuable than today. But seriously, folks, let’s not implode the business altogether.

Nationwide, Clear Channel cut 600 jobs. The company also laid off the Richmond area public-service coordinator and a technical director at WRVA. On-air staff at the company’s other area stations were not affected, the Times Dispatch reports.

Clear Channel, based in Texas, is the country’s largest radio ownership group with more than 900 stations.

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Honestly I think the replacement show is much better. I was getting sick of the “battle of the roses” and all the other childish playing on the phone games they were doing. I would just turn it off in the morning.

This might make me listen to the radio in the morning…


[…] of the fired employees were popular local radio personalities and reporters. Apparently Clear Channel is going to be the Rush Limbaugh […]


Don’t sign on-line petitions, file a complaint with the FCC.

Radio stations are required by law to provide local information — and that means more than one local person on the air.

If we don’t fight this, then all we’ll have is automated radio stations across the country playing the exact same satellite feed.

i absolutely loved the Melissa and Sid morning show! i am so sad it is gone! it would put me in such a better mood on the way to work, especially “the 5 things you need to know before you go.” i learned so much, so early in the morning- it was great! this new morning show is so loud! so many people are all talking at once and it is untolerable so early in the morning. and to top it off: i have yet to hear a “flashback friday” song yet (it’s friday today!) hopefully they will start playing… Read more »
G Man
Local programming is what gives individual stations their unique character. The relationship between the local listeners and the host is part of that uniqueness. Some people who relocate to a different city listen to both their previous hometown and their current host. With the Internet they can do that. And more listeners mean higher ratings. Radio is a business after all. If you really like a local host, let the station’s Program Director know. If you tell them how listening to local hosts will increase their business, they’ll listen. And they’ll keep the very hosts you like who brings them… Read more »