Aloft Hotel Opens at West Broad Village

The 135-room Aloft Hotel at West Broad Village in Short Pump is finally open, after a recent dispute with developers.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Richard Williams ruled that the hotel had the right to lease ground floor retail space after village developer Unicorp failed to meet a contractual obligation to purchase the ground floor space from Aloft and lease it.

With that matter resolved for now, the hotel is ready to go and eager to accommodate young jet-setting guests.

“The hotel is geared towards the X and Y generations, who tend to be more tech savvy,” said sales manager Samantha Bean.

A large table with ample power outlets for computing is the centerpiece of the open, multipurpose lobby. Free WiFi is available throughout the entire building. Surrounding the table is lounge-type seating, an array of board games and a large pool table, all of which encourage guests to relax and unwind.

Guests can check in at the “Aloha Desk” with hotel staff, or by using the computerized touchscreen systems nearby.

“You simply swipe your [credit] card, and your room key pops out,” said Bean.

Room start at $89 a night and have 42? flat-panel televisions. The TVs are linked with a device called a “Jack Pack,” which continues the high-tech theme. The stations allow you to charge your laptop, cell phone and other devices all in one place, as well as display your computer screen on the TV.

Aloft also seeks to do its part to help the environment. Rather than offering the typical travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, wall-mounted dispensers eliminate the need for plastic bottles. The ecofriendly theme continues in the parking lot, with dedicated parking spots for hybrid vehicles.

The hotel is also pet friendly and provides dog beds and bowls.

“Aloft has its own verbage, its own language — really, its own culture,” Bean said. “As opposed to selling a stay, we’re selling an experience.”

Aloft, a subsidiary of W Hotels, has two other locations in Virginia.

For a look inside, check out Downtown Short Pump’s flickr photo stream.

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