The Pipeline: Commercial real estate roundup for 3.26.10

Wilton Companies
reports the following deals:

Laburnum Partners LLC purchased the 2.095 acres at Laburnum station in Henrico for $775,000.

The Diradour LLC purchased the Applebee’s at 9601 West Broad Street for $2.15 million.

American Prosperity Group leased 1,028 square feet at Wilton Professional Building. leased 2,700 square feet at Atlee Commerce Center in Hanover.

R&B Distributing leased 25,515 square feet at 2040 Westmoreland Street in Richmond.

Romp-n-Roll leased 3,200 square feet at Stonewall Square in Hanover.

From A to B LLC leased 2,985 square feet at Gayton Business Center in Henrico.

MDH Associates leased 2,425 square feet at Hermitage Industrial Park in Henrico.

Outback Play Systems leased 8,290 square feet at Lauderdale Shopping Center in Henrico.

Morse Investigation Services leased 320 square feet at the Elko Office Building in Richmond.

Chanello’s Pizza leased 1,520 square feet at Stonewall Square in Hanover.

Firehouse Subs leased 1,600 square feet at Stonewall Square in Hanover.

The Children’s Museum of Richmond leased 15,517 square feet at West Broad Village in Henrico.

Chesapeake Stoneworks leased 31,700 square feet at 6807 School Avenue in Richmond.

Nuevo Mexico leased 5,500 square feet at Stony Point Shopping Center in Richmond.

Furniture Masters leased 1,875 square feet at Hermitage Industrial Park in Henrico.

Lancaster Bingo Company leased 2,355 square feet at Hermitage Industrial Park in Henrico.

Dry Clean Virginia leased 1,990 square feet at Verizon Center in Richmond.

Asian Bistro leased 2,000 square feet at Broadview Shopping Center in Goochland.

Acorn Sign Graphics leased 7,300 square feet at 4100 W. Clay St. in Richmond.

Giovanni’s Pizza leased 2,625 square feet at Hanover Commons Shopping Center.

Sam’s Hot Dogs leased 1,300 square feet at Hanover Commons Shopping Center.

Verve Home Furnishing leased 4,355 square feet at 4903 W. Leigh St. in Richmod.

Porter Realty reports the following deals

Stemmle Enterprises LLC purced the 6,400 square foot office/warehouse at 12742 Spectrim Lane in Chesterfield from Builder Services Group for $425,000. (This deal was also reported by Grubb & Ellis | Harrison & Bates.)

Consolidated Delivery Systems & Nova Systems leased 31,500 square feet at 14174 North Washington Highway in Hanover.

Cavalier Telephone LLC leased 26,116 square feet at 2115 Westmoreland Street in Henrico.

Metl-Span LLC leased 20,000 square feet at 7820 Whitepine Road in Chesterfield.

United Refrigeration leased 12,083 square feet at 2113-A North Hamilton street in Richmond.

Foley Material Handling leased 5,000 square feet at 10477 Cobbs Road in Hanover.

Romp-n-Roll leased 3,200 square feet at 6300 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Hanover.

Mosaic Broadband leased 2,862 square feet at 3532 Mayland Court.

Intellifiber Networks leased 2,680 square feet at 2112 West Laburnum Avenue in Richmond.

Advanced Diagnostics leased 2,250 square feet at 11201 Hopson Road in Hanover.

Williams & Fogg Heating & Air Company leased 2,214 square feet at 1207 School Street in Richmond.

Gavin Law Offices PC leased 2,200 square feet at 2500 Gaskins Road in Henrico.

Rebound Industrial Maintenance leased 2,000 square feet at 12647 Oaklake Crest Wat in Chesterfield.

CommForce LLC leased 2,000 square feet at 11300 Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield.

Grubb & Ellis|Harrison & Bates reports the following deals:

Rappahannock Mattress Company, Inc. leased 3,600 square feet at 16017 Continental Blvd in Chesterfield.

Elite Training & Certification Center, LLC leased 3,600 square feet at 16029 Continental Blvd in Chesterfield.

Central Hardware Supply leased 1,500 square feet at 11034 Air Park Drive in Hanover.

CB Richard Ellis reports the following deals:

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company leased 47,816 square feet at 7501 Boulders View Dr. in Chesterfield.

National Government Services leased 6,162 square feet at 8002 Discovery Dr. in Henrico.

SMASHdirect, LLC leased 14,085 square feet at 303 Ashcake Rd. in Hanover.

Schneider Electric Building Americas leased 7,863 square feet at 1100 Boulders Parkway in Chesterfield.

LFG Liquidation Trust leased 4,200 square feet at 201 Concourse Blvd in Henrico.

Thalhimer reports the following deals:

Vile Group Properties bought the 5,200 square foot office condo at 7820-7822 Shrader Road in Henrico from Whipple LLC for $572,000 as a dental office for Brent Rusnak, DDS.

Crossroads Trailer Rental, Inc.  leased 2.2 acres of land at 3301 Castlewood Road in Richmond.

Beauty Max  leased 9,174 square feet at 60 West Shopping Center in Chesterfield.

Convergent Technologies, LLC  leased 3,877 square feet at 2909 Polo Parkway in Chesterfield.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Inc.  leased 2,000 square feet in Colony Crossing at Powhite Parkway and Charter Colony Parkway in Chesterfield.

Rue La La  leased 1,950 square feet at 5813 Grove Avenue in Henrico.

C2 Your Health, Inc.  leased 1,100 square feet at 1700 Huguenot Road in Chesterfield.

Love de Essence  leased 1,000 square feet in Fairfield Shoppers World at 5176-5206 Nine Mile Road in Henrico.

Commonwealth Commercial reports the following deals:

Westgate Coin Laundry leased 1,500 square feet at 4360 Westgate Drive in Henrico.

Chris Bossola leased 4,500 square feet at 3018 W. Cary St. in Richmond.

Chippenham & Johnston-Willis leased 1,250 square feet at 106 Midtown Avenue.

Complete Automotive of Richmond Inc leased 6,019 square feet at 11006-E W. Broad St. in Henrico.

eLEEte Physicians leased 721 square feet at 5700 Old Richmond Road in Henrico.

Gallagher Bassett Services leased 3,048 square feet at 804 Moorefield Park Drive in Chesterfield.

Lincare Inc leased 2,228 square feet at 1100 Athens, Suite B.

MAC Technologies leased 804 square feet at 804 Moorefield Park Drive in Chesterfield.

Simone’s Stylin leased 1,597 square feet at 7225 Bell Creek Road in Hanover.

Star Scientific leased 2,281 square feet at 4470 Cox Road in Henrico.

Tandy Leather leased 2,000 square feet at 8934 Quioccasin Road in Henrico.

Xenith Bank leased 7,026 square feet at 1011 Boulder Springs Drive in Chesterfield.

Divaris reports the following deals:

Claris Holdings leased 3,544 square feet at 4551 Cox Road in Henrico.

Spanish Quality Concrete leased 580 square feet at 8762-B Landmark Road in Richmond.

Milepost 5 leased 10,484 square feet at 8240 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond.

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10 years ago

I like the 8- and 10-month old Wilton sales. Were they really just reported?

Abbotsford Real estate
Abbotsford Real estate
10 years ago

Thanks for the report and yeah, are some of these old reports?
Although, there are some which I haven’t seen before.

10 years ago

Yes, Wilton Companies is new to the pipeline and included transactions from an extended period of time, so a few are a couple of months old.

Portal Online
Portal Online
8 years ago

You couldn’t be more factual