The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 7.19.10

The Docket is a listing of recent civil lawsuits filed in nearby courts that RBS believes are of interest to its readers. By listing these cases, RBS is not implying guilt or innocence of either party or whether the claims alleged in each suit have any merit. It is merely a tool for local business people.

City of Richmond

US Foodservice, Inc., d/b/a US Foodservice v. J & C Dining, Inc. t/a Red, Hot & Blue And John T. Lhuillier: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on a credit agreement while seeking an extension. Plaintiff wants a judgment of $68,027.42 and $16,006.85 in attorney fees.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002844

Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia v. Gayle P. Atkins f/k/a Gayle Angela Perkins And Matthew E. Perkins, Jr.: Condemnation
Plaintiff states the Authority is engaged in the clearance, redevelopment and reconstruction of real property.
Plaintiff is seeking to condemn, in fee simple, the absolute ownership of real property owned by the defendants known as 205 and 207 East 18th Street. Plaintiff preys for the empanelment of this real property.
06/25/2010  ,  CL10002834

Virginia Electric And Power Company D/B/A Dominion Virginia Power v. Alliance Coal, LLC: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff states that the defendant defaulted on two contractual obligations arising from an output coal supply agreement. Plaintiff claims the defendant failed to share profits from certain agreed upon sales to third parties and made other sales to third parties in violation of this agreement. Plaintiff claims that the defendant agreed to sell and the defendant agreed to buy 100% of the tons of coal produced from Alliance’s Production Sources, up to an overall amount of 1,053,000 tons. Plaintiff wants compensatory damages, reasonable attorney fees and all costs associated this action and any further relief as this court deems necessary and proper.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002852

Terry O. Dotson, Jr. v. CSX Transportation, Inc.: Personal Injury
Plaintiff states he was an employee working for the defendant as a brakeman/conductor at the defendant’s Accu Yard in Richmond. While attempting to trim brCity ush that obscured a railroad signal, plaintiff claims he was injured. Plaintiff wants a judgment of $1,750,000.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002857

Lacey K. Shotwell v. Michael K. Kyles, M.D., Richard K. Hollis D.O., Halifax Radiology, Halifax Regional Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Halifax Regional Hospital And Halifax Regional Health Systems, Inc. d/b/a Halifax Regional Health Systems: Medical Malpractice
Plaintiff states  Dr. Hallis performed/and or interpreted two pelvic x-rays and besides other medical problems, stated there was no evidence of a hip dislocation; with no scan ordered either time. Dr. Kyles instituted physical therapy. A consultation exam revealed, among other medical problems, shifting of the pelvis superiorly on the left and the plaintiff was ordered bed rest, physical therapy and then transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University for consideration of sacral fusion to stabilize her pelvis. Plaintiff claims negligence and among other things, the defendants failed to exercise reasonable care. Plaintiff is asking for a trial by jury and $2,000,000.
06/25/2010  ,  CL10001761

County of Chesterfield

City View LLC v. Crosland LLC: Petition-Temporary Injunction
Plaintiff states the defendant has failed and/or refused to deliver to the plaintiff 100% completed permit drawings or an assignment of the permit drawings contract and the funds sufficient to pay the balance of the permit drawings contract. Plaintiff claims the defendant is in breach of the sales agreement. Plaintiff wants an order commanding the defendant to turn over the permit drawings, the permit drawings contract, the funds sufficient to pay the balance of the permit drawings in the amount of $358,280 within 24 hours or  require the defendant to post bond in the amount of $758,280.
07/07/2010  ,  CL10001877

Sterling Nation Bank  v. Alphatec Inc And George L. Ruth And Linda K. Ruth: Default

Plaintiff states the defendant made an equipment lease agreement with Mart Financial Group, Inc for a copier and printer with the defendants as guarantors. Plaintiff claims the defendants failed to make the agreed lease installments. Plaintiff wants a judgment for $36,957.96, late fees of $333.41 and ACH return of $35.00.
07/09/2010  ,  CL10001893

Carolyn Squyars v. Indymac Mortgage Services & Surety Trustees LLC: Complaint

Plaintiff claims the defendant violated its contractual obligation and fraudulently accepted government money by not servicing the plaintiff under the rules of the Home Modification Program-trial modification (HAMP). Plaintiff states the defendant is required to participate in HAMP because the loan in question is guaranteed by Fannie Mae. Plaintiff wants to enjoin and restrain  the defendant from instituting foreclosure proceedings, wants Indymac to properly process her HAMP application by appropriately reducing her monthly payment by the 31% of her monthly income required and wants punitive damages of $2.500,000.
07/09/2010  ,  CL10001896

Kenneth W. Hamlett v. Coastline Builders Of Virginia: Petition-Discharge of Memorandum of Mechanic’s Lien
Plaintiff claims that the defendant’s memorandum of mechanic’s lien in the amount of  $32,780.00 is invalid because no notice was given to the mechanic’s lien agent and also, the claim is for which it has no lien rights. Plaintiff requests petition be granted, discharge of notice of mechanic’s lien and further relief, including attorney fees and any costs be granted.
07/12/2010  ,  CL10001909

County of Henrico

John F. Gayle v. A-Z Home Improvements And Jacob Tucker And Woodpost Homeowners Association: Personal Injury
Plaintiff states A-Z performs construction services, the homeowners association manages and maintains the Woodpost Townhouses and  plaintiff states he was an employee of A-Z. Plaintiff claims the defendants  furnished a scaffold which was in poor condition, recklessly maintained and failed in their duty to maintain it. Plaintiff claims he was injured and in the future he will suffer from deformity, disfigurement, embarrassment and humiliation. Plaintiff wants $450.000.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10001917

Mark Stewart & Enviro Paint Solutions, Inc. v. Davidson O. Lartey a/k/a David Lartey: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendant breached their general contract and also claims fraudulent inducement. Plaintiff wants $96,500 in compensatory damages, $16,500 in actual damages and $80,000 in punitive damages.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10001929

Mid Atlantic Laboratory Servicing, LLC v. Millennium Laboratory Corporation, et als: Breach of Contract and Restraining Order
Plaintiff wants the defendants and the Meridian Laboratory Corporation from disseminating or disclosing the Midalabs Confidential Information to anyone and wants them turn over all information in their possession or in their control. Plaintiff claims Millennium has intentionally breached the agreement between Midalabs and Mellinium by failing to maintain confidentiality and disclosing confidential information to Meridian. Plaintiff wants an award of  $500,000 for damages to Midalabs against Millenninum, Hili and Meridian and $350,000 in punitive damages to Midalabs for defamation. Plaintiff also wants $350,000 against Millinum and Meridian for violating trade secrets.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10001930

Christine Dowdy v. HCA Health Services Of Virginia, Inc t/a Henrico Doctor’s Hospital: Negligence
Plaintiff claims while she was being x-rayed, the technician administering the x-ray carelessly and negligently caused a piece of equipment to fall on her head resulting in severe physical damage. Plaintiff wants a judgment of $100,000.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10001932

Southern Insurance Company As Subrogee of Peter and Laura Marshall v. Chris Walls And Jet Stream Plumbing, LLC: Complaint
Plaintiff claims they insured the Marshall’s rental house and while the defendant was soldering some pipes under the bathroom area of the house, the wooden floor joists and framing burned causing a fire.
Plaintiff wants a judgment of $95,173.99.
07/06/2010  ,  CL10001941

LJ & J, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company and successor in interest to VC Silver, LLC v. C & R Carpet And Rugs, Inc., a Virginia corporation And Fawad Azimi: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on a commercial lease agreement and wants a judgment against C & R for $700,000 and against Fawad Azimi for damages of $400,000.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10001944

KBS, Inc. v. Cephas Contracting, Inc.: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims subcontractor broke their agreement for demolition work on real property known as Perry Street Apartments by failing to conduct its work with promptness, diligence and efficiency in a timely manner. Plaintiff wants a judgment for $85,000.
07/07/2010  ,  CL10001949

Virginia United Methodist Homes, Inc., a Virginia Corporation v. Gregory Southerlin And CTS Integration, Inc.: Complaint
Plaintiff claims that the defendant and his corporation had been providing  IT services and installations of IT equipment to their corporation. When the plaintiff decided to change to a new IT vender, it was discovered that the defendant’s corporate status had changed and that after an audit was performed, the hardware and software the plaintiff had purchased from the defendant had never been installed. Plaintiff preys for a judgment of $133,621.36
07/06/2010  ,  CL10001950

Paragon Commercial Bank v. Ray M. Tate, Calvin L. Stanley And Richard H. Laibstain: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff wants a judgment against defendants for count I for $185,524.42 and late fees of $616.16. Plaintiff also wants the same for count II.
07/08/2010  ,  CL10001960  

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