The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 7.26.10

City of Richmond
Edward H. Winks-James D. Snowa Architects, PC v.
Twin Peaks of Chatham, LLC: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states they entered into a contract with the defendant to aid in the multiple facets of the design and construction of Twin Peaks Apartments. Plaintiffs claim they were not paid for work done prior to their termination and is seeking $30,715.88.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002858

John E. Venable v. S&M Brands, Inc. And Randy Escamilla: Wrongful Termination

Plaintiff states he was employed as a Key Account Manager by the defendants and was fired. Plaintiff states he found other employment holding the same position, but because the defendants filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against him for working at his new job, he was fired from that job. Plaintiff claims the reason he was fired from the defendants was a result of him filing under the Virginia Workers Comp Act and he wants $219,000.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002859

Sabrina E. Rainmaker ET v. Household Realty Corp of Virginia: Overturn Foreclosed Real Property

Plaintiff claims the rate of her mortgage was raised without the defendant having the signed note. Plaintiff states without this note, the defendant cannot claim default under the terms of a non-existing note and asks the Court to overturn, vacate and remove the unjust foreclosure by the defendant.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002869

Mark F. Rowley v. Richmond Metropolitan Authority: Slip and Fall

Plaintiff claims that the defendant owns, manages and operates the Diamond; a baseball stadium. Plaintiff claims while at one of the games and walking back to his lower box seat, he tripped on very narrow steps that were crumbling. As a result, the plaintiff lost his balance and fell directly into a metal box seat, suffered injuries and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Plaintiff wants a trial by jury and $50,000
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002873

Salame M. Amr v. Scott Crawley And Crawley And Crawley Law Firm: Legal Malpractice
Plaintiff claims the defendants were negligent (legal malpractice), committed fraud, breached their contract and breached their fiduciary duty.  Plaintiff wants a trial by jury and $100 million.
06/28/2010  ,  CL10002875

Pump & Tank Co. v. Virginia Atlantic Inc., et al: General District Court Appeal

06/29/2010  ,  CL10002878

Inv2, LLC v. Anthony Wayne Whitaker: Breach of  Oral And Written Contracts
Plaintiff states the defendant is a general contractor for his company and breached their contracts. Plaintiff wants $31,031.10
06/30/2010  ,  CL10002897

Nike, Inc. v. Young Corp. t/a Dominion Skateboards And Kimberly Anne Blankenship And Guy Maury Blankenship: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendants breached their contract and wants $41,858.14 and attorney fees of $10,464
06/30/2010  ,  CL10002898

Waste Management of Virginia Inc. v. Kindred Hospitals East LLC dba Kindred Hospital Richmond: Breach of contract.
Plaintiff claims it discovered medical waste and had to pay another company to clean it up. Plaintiff wants $107,000.
7/16/2010 CL10-3115

County of Chesterfield

William P. Sluss, Jr. v. Food Lion, Inc. t/a Delhaise America, Inc.: Personal Injury

Plaintiff states he was an employee of Estes Express Lines as a yard jockey dock worker. While he was servicing a truck at a Food Lion facility, an attachment securing the strap on the rear of the truck came off resulting in the plaintiff falling back words and fracturing his wrist, along with other injuries. Plaintiff demands a judgment of $125,000
07/13/2010  ,  CL10001916

Monica Kantrowitz v. Crowne Partners, Inc. d/b/a Crowne At Swift Creek And Kristi Fisher And Anthony G. Ramos: Personal Injury
Plaintiff states she was walking across the lawn to the pool area at the apartment complex when she stepped into a hole that was not obviously seen. Plaintiff claims she fell and wants $300,000.
07/14/2010  ,  CL10001918

James River Petroleum, Inc. v. 360 Get ‘N Go, LLC: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendant is in default of a product supply agreement for purchasing motor oil and
wants $38,900.13 and $55,410.
07/14/2010  ,  CL10001928

Janet Stout v. Food Lion, LLC, Delhaise America, Inc., The Rivers Bend Shopping Center, L.L.C. And Rivers Bend Shopping Center II, L.L.C.: Slip And Fall
Plaintiff states she entered the Food Lion to purchase groceries and claims she was walking towards the cash registers at the front of the store and fell on a wet and slippery substance on their floor. Plaintiff wants a trial by jury and $250,000
07/15/2010  ,  CL10001947

Virginia Trailer Services, Inc. d/b/a Virginia Trailer Rental, Inc. v. Legacy Inc. And Donald Davies And Frankie Davies: Transfer of Venue
Defendants’ request to change the court venue from the City of Chesapeake to the County of Chesterfield was granted.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10001959

Sue Monks v. Centex Homes, A Nevada General Partnership And Carrie L. Estes, Executor of the Estate of Ricky L. Wilson, Deceased, Individually And d/b/a Affordable Quality Decks: Slip And Fall
Plaintiff states that Ricky L. Wilson was a subcontractor  for Centex Homes who built the deck and deck stairs at her home before he passed away. Plaintiff claims that as she was descending the deck stairs, the stairs separated from the deck, causing her to fall to the ground and suffer physical injuries. Plaintiff wants $500,000.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10001962

Old Dominion Floor Co., Inc v. Southport General Contractors And Management, LLC T/A Southport General Contractors: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims their company sold floor materials and supplies to the defendants and they are in default. Plaintiff wants $25,696.69
07/16/2010  CL10001965

NMH Enterprises, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company v. Sahara Ventures II, Inc. And Zuhir Idlbi: Default
Plaintiff states the defendant operates a restaurant t/a Sahara Restaurant and claims he defaulted on the rent. Plaintiff is seeking $59,372.83
07/21/2010  ,  CL10002003

County of Henrico

Old Dominion Auto Glass, Inc. v. Charles F. Grove, Ind. And Dominion Auto Glass, Inc.:
Confessed Judgment

Defendant owes plaintiff $76,250.
07/13/2010  ,  CL10001988

James River Petroleum, Inc. v. Christopher C. Shelton: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states defendant was the owner and the President of Shelton Corporation. Plaintiff claims the defendant bought petroleum, is in default and seeks a judgment of $241,031.36
07/12/2010  ,  CL10001992

Smith Turf & Irrigation, LLC v. Southern, Inc. And Chris Perdue: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims the defendants are in default of not paying for purchases and wants a judgment of  $191,802.77 and attorney fees of $35,733.77
07/09/2010  ,  CL10001993

BMG Metals, Inc. v. VFS, Inc. d/b/a Bay welding & Fabrication And Victor Sebastian: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted and wants a judgment of $16,989.47 and attorney fees of $5,099.78.
07/09/2010  ,  CL10001994

Bruce Doub v. Jumpstart Wireless Corporation: Unpaid Wages
Plaintiff states the defendant failed to pay past due wages for work he completed. Plaintiff is seeking $90,000.
07/09/2010  ,  CL10002001

Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc. v. Wilton Development Corporation: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states their company provided consultation, review and analysis of planning and traffic to the defendant’s project located in West of  Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Plaintiff claims the defendant is in default and wants a judgment for the unpaid balance of $27,588 plus attorney fees of $6,897.
07/13/2010  ,  CL10002002

Michael L. Newcomb v. Federal National Mortgage Association And Aurora Loan Services, LLC And Atlantic Law Group, LLC, Trustee: Unlawful Foreclosure

Plaintiff claims that after a payment plan was satisfied to avoid foreclosure on his home, the defendants foreclosed anyway. Plaintiff wants  the foreclosure voided  and the defendants enjoined from any further sale or eviction proceedings.
07/21/2010  ,  CL10002003

Virginia Credit Union, Inc. v. Tracy L. Jones, a/k/a Tracy Lynn Jones: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendant is in default and wants  $18,894.80.
07/14/2010  ,  CL10002009

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