Richmond, third most tattooed in U.S.

Richmond is the third most tattooed city in America, according to a new study. scoured Google listings, Yellow Pages, and other forums to find a complete listing of tattoo shops in every major metropolitan area, and then determined the number of tattoo parlors per 100,000 residents.

Richmond had 14.5 shops per 100,000 people, and beat out such cities as Portland, Ore. and Austin, Texas–even Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The number one city was Miami Beach, followed by Las Vegas at number two.

You can see the full list here.

Here is a story from the BizSense archives (Sept. 2008!) that explores whether tattoos are taboo in Richmond office places.

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That just tells me we’re the third skankiest city in America. Doesn’t make me proud.


I am very Proud!!!! Richmond is a very Cultured and Diverse City!!


Third huh? I wonder how much Richmond ink is on
(Warning: NSFW)


please , just because someone has what they see as art,doesn’t make them any less of a mother,father,sister,brother. People when will we ever lean that God could care less about body art / ink, so please just look at the human and accept them as someones beloved one,its not so hard to do. Please just try to love outside the box we tend to try to fit others in just so we don’t have to accept them because thay arn’t like US.