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Breathable low-emissivity metalized sheets
Patent 7,805,907
A moisture vapor permeable metalized composite sheet is formed by coating a moisture vapor permeable sheet with at least one metal layer and at least one outer organic coating layer. The moisture vapor permeability of the composite sheet is at least about 80% of the moisture vapor permeability of the starting sheet. The composite sheet provides a barrier to air and liquid water infiltration while having high moisture vapor permeability and good thermal barrier properties. The composite sheet material is suitable for use as a building construction wrap such as roof lining and house wrap.
Inventors: Ioannis V. Bletsos (Midlothian); Edmee Lydie Marie-Jeanne Devaquet (Howald, LU); Joseph A. King Jr. (Midlothian); Michael G. Mikhael (Tucson, Ariz.); Jose M. Rodriguez-Parada (Hockessin, DE); Angelo Yializis (Tucson) Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Oct. 5, 2010

Cup holder for drinking game

Patent 7,805,959
The cup holder for a drinking game is a triangular multi-cup beverage tray and freezer pack insert that holds and chills multiple cups in a “billiard ball rack” formation for use in the drinking game “Beer-Pong,” “Beirut,” or variations thereof. The cup holder for a drinking game includes cup pockets, indentations or channels in a triangular row formation (front to back) of one cup, two cups, three cups, etc., which are formed in the freezer pack The cup holding freezer pack fits into the triangular tray for added stability. Rubber or neoprene feet are disposed symmetrically on an underside of the bottom of the tray to provide traction during use. Preferably, the placement and depth of the cup pockets provide for the correct orientation of the cups for optimal playing of the drinking game with standard 16-ounce party cups.
Inventors: Matthew B. Webb (Richmond); Robert L. Kent III (Raleigh, N.C.)
Oct. 5, 2010

Light system for a temperature controlled case
Patent    7,806,543
A temperature controlled case is disclosed that includes a housing defining a display area and a first shelf provided within the display area. The temperature controlled case also includes a light system associated with the first shelf. The light system includes a substrate having a first portion and a second portion and a light source provided at the first portion of the substrate and configured to direct light through the substrate towards the second portion for illuminating an area below the first shelf. According to another embodiment, the substrate is a light sheet that cooperates with the light source to provide a distribution of light that varies between the first portion of the light sheet and the second portion of the sheet.
Inventors: Timothy D. Swofford (Midlothian); Larry C. Howington (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Hill Phoenix, Inc. (Conyers, Ga.)
Oct. 5, 2010

Genetic markers for assessing risk of premature birth resulting from preterm premature rupture of membranes
Patent 7,807,366
A method to identify women who are at risk for preterm delivery due to premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) is provided. The method entails detecting the presence of SERPINH1 gene variants that express low levels of the gene product, heat shock protein Hsp47. The occurrence of a T (rather than C) at a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) site at position -656 of the SERPINH1 gene promoter, together with the absence of a 12 base pair deletion at positions -694 to -683 of the promoter, result in an increased risk of PPROM. The method enables medical professionals to identify those at risk, and to provide suitable therapeutic intervention.
Inventors: Jerome F. Strauss III (Richmond); Hongyan Wang (Shanghai, China)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Oct. 5, 2010

Afocal Galilean attachment lens with high pupil magnification
Patent    7,808,718
An afocal Galilean attachment lens is disclosed, with the lens comprising, along an optical axis, a first lens group with overall negative optical power and a second lens group with overall positive power. The first and second lens groups are arranged to define a Galilean configuration. The lens also has exit and an entrance pupils with respective diameters D.sub.EX and D.sub.EN that define a pupil magnification PM=D.sub.EX/D.sub.EN>4 and in some embodiments PM>10. The afocal Galilean attachment lens also has a length parameter defined LP>200 and in some embodiments LP>700. The extreme length of the afocal Galilean attachment allows for photographing or filming objects that are remote or otherwise hard to photograph while also providing a relatively large depth of field.
Inventors: James A. Frazier (Wingham, Australia); J. Brian Caldwell (Petersburg)
Assignee: FM-Assets Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia)
Oct. 5, 2010

Registration system for sheet fed processing machines

Patent 7,809,464
The invention relates to a registration system for sheet fed processing machines that reduces or eliminates the need to calibrate the register and/or timing dials of such a machine. The system uses known measurements and the elapsed time between electrically generated pulses to determine the relative position of processing cylinders in the machine relative the timing of a feed mechanism. The relative positions are displayed in real-time and can be adjusted by an operator. The machine need not be `in time` to properly register the machine.
Inventors: Mike Owen (Richmond)
Assignee: Mikowen Industries, LLC (Richmond)
Oct. 5, 2010

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10 years ago

Beer pong cup holder? Are you kidding me? Did USPTO actually grant this patent?