Wyndham annex plan to add 400 acres

Real estate giant HHHunt is pursuing plans to expand the Wyndham subdivision by annexing almost 400 additional acres of land.

The growth would push the boundaries of Wyndham into neighboring Hanover County and also envelop Hunting Hawk Golf Course.

Jill Crews, marketing director for HHHunt, said in an e-mail to BizSense that the company has no immediate plans to develop the land. Under the subdivision’s covenants the company has the right to annex additional land within two miles of Wyndham until Dec. 31.

According to a letter sent to residents by the Wyndham  Foundation, HHHunt sought to extend the annexation deadline by as much as 20 years but the proposal was rejected by the board members.

A town hall meeting for residents will be held at the Wyndham Swim & Racquet Club on Nov. 16 at 6 p.m.

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I guess I can see why the BOD would deny the 20-year extension, but isn’t building the Wyndham brand good for current residents?
Hanover VA Real Estate

doug elliott

Bigger is not better–there is a law of diminishing returns in any business model–
Wyndham has reached its peak in terms of a right size large community with its identity still in touch –as the development gets larger there exists the possibility of devaluation in the existing homes because it becomes to large and looses its original charm just so HHHunt can ride Wyndham’s coattail to the bank–there is no gain for the existing residents and a much greater chance of dilution in the existing community–


I am interested in purchasing a resale in Wydham (and really like the community), but my husband and I are concerned about:
1) The issues with the club house/golf course related to HH Hunt
2) Doug’s comments about the expansion and home values.

Do we know if the homes they are planning to build would…
1) Have their own entry and exit oustide of Wydham (otherwise, traffic woud increase)?
2) Be on the higher end — maybe adding value to Wydham or on the lower end?

Please respond or email me at [email protected]


More suburban sprawl.


More suburban sprawl and polyester, seasonal house flags.