Trading Day: Inside SEC filings for 12.2.10

Community Bankers Trust Corp.
Director Robin Williams bought 1,100 shares at $0.79 per share.

Director Richard Bozard bought 2,500 shares at $0.80 per share.

COO William Saunders Jr. bought 10,000 shares at $0.79 per share.

James River Coal
The company’s Bledsoe Coal Corp. subsidiary received written notification from the federal Mining Health and Safety Administration that a potential pattern of safety violations exists at its Abner Branch Rider Mine. The notice was based on screenings of compliance, employment and accident records at the mine over the last year. James River Coal said it will conduct a comprehensive review of that particular mining operation and submit a plan to enhance safety.

Vice Chairman Anthony Markel sold a total of 5,793 shares in several transactions worth a total of $2.05 million. He still directly owns 99,000 shares of Markel stock.

Massey Energy
The company’s board approved increases to the annual base salaries of some of its top executives. Among them, President Baxter F. Phillips Jr.’s salary was increased to $650,000; Vice President Michael K. Snelling’s annual salary was increased to $330,000, and CFO Eric B. Tolbert’s annual salary was increased to $216,000.

The company also set the cash bonus target awards for2011 for its executives. The bonuses for Philips, Snelling and Tolbert are $650,000, $210,000 and $60,000 respectively. COO John Adkins is to get a $500,000 bonus.

About 10 of the company’s top executive each exercised options to acquire thousands of shares for $49.58 per share.

On Nov. 23, 2010, Massey’s Marfork Coal Co. and its Horse Creek Eagle Mine, received an imminent danger order from the Mining Health and Safety Administration. The order found that the roof of the mine was severely deteriorated. Massey said it is evaluating the situation and will take steps to correct any unfavorable conditions. No injuries have yet resulted from the condition described in the order.

Owens & Minor
Director John Crotty exercised options to purchase 7,500 shares for $16.05 per share $120,375.

Grace Denttartog, the company’s general counsel, exercised options to buy 9,000 shares for $16.43 per share or $147,870. She then sold those shares at market price for $261,000.

John Geraldman, a director, purchased 1,000 shares for $28.50 per share or $28,500.

Union First Market Bankshares
Director Douglas Caton sold 4,000 shares for $51,365. He still owns nearly 400,000 shares.

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