The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 12.22.10

Heat exchanger for a log-burning fireplace
Patent 7,854,223
A heat recovery apparatus for an indoor fireplace includes a plenum chamber of low profile box-like construction having a front extremity with a portion that permits forced entry of air and a horizontally spaced portion that permits emergence of heated air. A divider wall centered within [private]the chamber between the entry and emergence portions produces a passageway that controls the flow of air within the chamber.
Inventors: Julian Latimer III (Richmond)
Dec. 21, 2010

System and method for processing web activity data
Patent 7,853,684
A computer-implemented system and method for analyzing user browsing activity. Records from a web log that were generated during web browsing sessions are accessed. The web log includes at least one record that is detached from other records generated during the same browsing session as the one record. A web log data characteristic of the detached session record is compared with a web log data characteristic of other records in the web log. Based upon the comparison, the detached session record is associated with at least another record from the web log. The association between the detached session record and the another record is used to analyze user browsing activity.
Inventors: Donald Koch (Apex, N.C.); Thomas Grant Jr. (Ashland)
Assignee: SAS Institute Inc. (Cary, N.C.)
Dec. 14, 2010

Applicator wheel for filling cavities with metered amounts of particulate material

Patent 7,849,889
A machine and process function to fill cavities with metered amounts of particulate material. An applicator wheel includes a series of equally spaced apart peripheral pockets each having a perforated bottom wall, and a vacuum manifold inside the wheel includes a vacuum chamber for supplying vacuum to the perforated bottom walls of the pockets as the wheel rotates. Particulate material from a filling chamber of such material outside the wheel is withdrawn into the pockets by the vacuum chamber. A downstream vacuum relief on the vacuum manifold functions to discharge particulate material from the pockets into the cavities at a predetermined discharge location on the wheel. Adjustment structure is connected to rotatably adjust the position of the vacuum manifold within the applicator wheel to thereby advance or retard the discharge location depending upon the speed of the machine.
Inventors: Barry Smith (Hopewell); Martin Garthaffner (Chesterfield); Ahmet Ercelebi (Mechanicsville); Steven Spiers (Richmond); Jeremy Straight (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 14, 2010

Emulsifier for highly liquid W/O emulsion based on partly crosslinked polyglycerol esters of polyhydroxystearic acid

Patent 7,851,511
The present invention relates to polyglycerol partial esters of polyhydroxystearic acid and polyfunctional carboxylic acids which are obtainable by esterification of a polyglycerol mixture with polyhydroxystearic acid where N=1 to 10, preferably 2 to 8, in particular 3 to 5 units and dimer fatty acids which have been obtained by catalytic dimerization of unsaturated fatty acids having 12 to 22 C atoms and have an average functionality of 2 to 3, and/or with aliphatic, linear or branched dicarboxylic acids having a chain length of 2 to 16 C atoms and additionally saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched fatty acids having 6 to 22 C atoms, preferably 12 to 18 C atoms, the degree of esterification of the polyglycerol mixture being between 20 and 75%, preferably 40 to 70%.
Inventors: Petra Allef (Essen, DE); Wolfgang Berkels (Bottrop, DE); Thomas Dietz (Glen Allen); Burghard Gruning (Essen, DE); Peter Hameyer (Essen, DE)
Assignee: Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH (Essen, DE)
Dec. 14, 2010

Process for preparing monomer complexes
Patent 7,851,584
Disclosed are processes for preparing monomer complexes that include contacting 2,3,5,6-tetraminopyridine free base in water with 2,5-dihydroxy terephthalic acid dipotassium salt to form an aqueous mixture, and adjusting the pH of the aqueous mixture to within the range of from about (3) to about (5) to precipitate the monomer complex. Processes of polymerizing the monomer complexes, polyareneazoles, filaments and yarns are also disclosed.
Inventors: Doetze Jakob Sikkema (Wageningen, Netherlands); David Rodini (Midlothian); Hasan Dindi (Wilmington, Del.); James Schultz (Woolwich Township, N.J.); Georg Valentin Martin (Langenfeld, Del.); Ralf Demuth (Houston, Texas); Michael Schelhaas (Cologne, Del.)
Assignee: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington)
Magellan Systems International LLC (Richmond)
Dec. 14, 2010

Method and apparatus for the production of high tenacity polyolefin sheet

Patent 7,854,870
A process for the production of virtually full density polyolefin suitable for further processing by drawing to form a high tenacity, highly oriented polyolefin sheet comprising: a) feeding a metered amount of polyolefin powder into the nip between two heated calendar rolls initially set at a gap smaller than the size of the smallest polyolefin powder particle and at a temperature above the melting point of the powder; b) rolling the powder through the nip under these conditions until a coherent sheet of polyolefin is produced: and c) once a coherent sheet of polyolefin exits the nip lowering the temperature in the nip to a temperature below the melting point of the polyolefin powder and increasing the gap to a desired level above the thickness of the largest powder particle. Apparatus for the performance of such a process is also described.
Inventors: Kenneth Harding (Midlothian); Gene Weedon (Richmond)
Assignee: BAE Systems Tensy Lon H.P.M. Inc. (Monroe, N.C.)
Dec. 21, 2010

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