NewsFeeds 1.14.11

S-A-T-I-R-E: Amid Financial Woes, Can Can Drops Second Can (Tobacco Avenue)
Faced with increasing costs and declining sales brought on by a down economy, Can Can Brasserie dropped the second Can from its name today, a move that is expected to save the Carytown restaurant approximately $2,000 each year and roughly an inch of type-space on its menu

Panera Opens Pay-What-You-Wish Location in Oregon (AP)
Those who are not able to pay anything do not have to, but the cafe suggests they volunteer their time in support of the organization.

Banks Are Poised to Pay Dividends After 3-Year Gap (NY Times)
Financial analysts say the nation’s largest banks are ready to begin restoring their dividends in the first half of the year, after a three-year pause to repair their damaged balance sheets. The reversal could put billions of dollars in the pockets of pension funds and retirees who had viewed bank shares as dependable sources of income.

Audits Add Shine to Firms (WSJ)
Small businesses whose books are audited—by a hired certified public accountant, not the Internal Revenue Service—improve their chances of getting a loan, and at far better terms, than businesses with less scrutinized financial statements, a new study shows.

The Mommy Market (Entrepreneur)
A look at inspiring Mompreneurs and their homegrown businesses.

The Weekly Wind-Down: Iams Executives Scrambling To Figure Out Why Brand Is Losing 2- To 4-Year-Old Chocolate Labs (Onion)
Frantic executives of the Iams pet food corporation convened an emergency meeting Wednesday to address the brand’s increasingly poor sales among 2- to 4-year-old chocolate-colored Labrador retrievers, company sources reported.

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