The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 1.19.11

Patent 7,866,494
A portable and multi-purpose T-shaped closet and coat rack includes a foldable flat base made of four equal plates which are joined together by hinges beneath the plates. A removable hollow cylinder which is a stabilizer/coin holder/piggy bank is mounted over the base. The stabilizer has a mass of at least three kilograms when filled with coins, sand, marbles or like materials. A single post directed vertically and divided into three separate sections allowing different height adjustments is mounted on the base. Two of the segments of the post are equipped with a motion control apparatus to neutralize to the arms’ motions. A special bi-functional cap completes the erecting of the post and comprises of two opposite threaded extensions which are designed to receive the arms of the unit. [private]Two removable and identical, trombone-shaped arms mounted on either sides of the cap constitute the racks for the hanging of garments. Two security extensions secure the bases of the arms with the post on either side. Four freely rotating cups located at the top of the base are used to secure the stabilizer and the base into one compact unit. Two freely rotating cups attach the arms to the cap of the unit.
Inventors: Jean Emile (Richmond)
Jan. 11, 2011

Kitchen appliance for cooling and/or heating foodstuff
Patent 7,872,214
A kitchen appliance for cooling and heating foodstuff including a housing that defines a cooling and heating cavity within the housing. A container is removably mountable within the cooling and heating cavity of the housing and the container is capable of retaining foodstuff therein. A conduction plate is disposed within the housing. The conduction plate is in thermal engagement with the container when the container is mounted within the housing. A heating element is disposed within the housing and is in thermal engagement with a conduction plate to heat the cooling and heating cavity. A cooling element is disposed within the housing and is in thermal engagement with the conduction plate to cool the cooling and heating cavity.
Inventors: David Schandel (Richmond); Jim Gaynor (Richmond)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. (Glen Allen)
Jan. 18, 2011

Bridge system for improved acoustic coupling in stringed instruments
Patent 7,868,235
A bridge system for connection to the instrument body of a stringed instrument, the bridge system including at least one bridge piece configured to contact at least one string of the stringed instrument and a ramp-shaped height and tone adjustment bar between the bridge piece and the instrument body. An adjustment mechanism translates the bridge piece with respect to the height and tone adjustment bar to raise and lower the string and to provide contact between the bridge piece and the height and tone adjustment bar.
Inventors: Brian Medas (Midlothian)
Assignee: Medas Instruments Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 11, 2011

Mixing device configured to blend food
Patent    7,871,195
A mixing device configured to blend food. The mixing device includes a base enclosing a motor. A jar is removably mounted to the base for containing food. A collar is removably mounted between the base and the jar. A dispensing spout is removably mounted to the collar. Further, a splash guard is removably mounted to the base.
Inventors:    Larsen; Atle (Richmond, VA), Pryor, Jr.; Ernest B. (Glen Allen, VA), Steiner; Mark C. (Midlothian, VA)
Assignee:    Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen, VA)
January 18, 2011

Premixing injector for gas turbine engines

Patent 7,870,736
A premixing injector for use in gas turbine engines assists in the lean premixed injection of a gaseous fuel/air mixture into the combustor of a gas turbine. The premixing injector is designed to mix fuel and air at high velocities to eliminate the occurrence of flashback of the combustion flame from the reaction zone into the premixing injector. The premixing injector includes choked gas ports, which allow the fuel supply to be decoupled from any type of combustion instability which may arise in the combustor of the gas turbine and internal passages to provide regenerative cooling to the device.
Inventors: Joseph Homitz (Orlando); David Sykes (Midlothian); Walter O’Brien (Blacksburg); Uri Vandsburger (Blacksburg); Steve LePera (Blacksburg)
Assignee: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc. (Blacksburg); Electric Jet LLC (Blacksburg)
Jan. 18, 2011

Diblock monopolymers as lubricant additives and lubricant formulations containing same

Patent 7,867,958
A method for reducing friction coefficients and wear between lubricated surfaces. The method includes providing an amount of an oil-soluble or oil-dispersible component selected from the group consisting of a photo-crosslinkable poly(2-cinnamoyloxyalkyl acrylate) core and a diblock acrylate copolymer corona in a fully formulated lubricant composition containing a base oil of lubricating viscosity. The lubricant composition containing the component is applied to a surface to be lubricated.
Inventors: Tze-Chi Jao (Glen Allen); Mark Devlin (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corporation (Richmond)
Jan. 11, 2011

Cigarette and filter with cellulosic flavor addition

Patent 7,866,324
A cigarette having a multi-component filter wherein an upstream sorbent removes at least one constituent from mainstream tobacco smoke passing through the filter and a downstream flavor segment compensates for taste lost to the sorbent. The flavor component includes cellulosic flavor bearing granules which release volatile flavor constituents into the mainstream smoke under ambient conditions. The cellulosic granules include microcrystalline cellulose or other cellulosic material which can be formed into a paste with the flavor additive, extruded and spheronized to form the flavor granules.
Inventors: Richard Jupe (Richmond); Rowland Dwyer (Glen Allen); Donald Laslie (Midlothian); Arlington Finley (Midlothian); Barbara Taylor (Midlothian); Cecil Smith (Disputanta); Vivian Willis (Maidens)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 11, 2011

System and method for adjustable repair and reinforcement of non-standard doors and jambs
Patent 7,866,113
A door security system serves to substantially improve the reliability of the entire door assemblies with non-standard door jamb thicknesses. The system may comprise up to four or more components. An adjustable door jamb shield may be mounted around a door jamb on the side of the door jamb corresponding to the door slab free swinging edge. Another adjustable door jamb shield may also be mounted on a door jamb on the hinge side of the door jamb. The adjustable shields comprise attachable sleeves that wrap on three sides around the door jamb to reinforce and stabilize the door system.
Inventors: Glenn Young (Richmond)
Assignee: Armor Concepts LLC (Nashville)
Jan. 11, 2011

Menthane carboxamide derivatives having cooling properties
Patent 7,868,004
A compound of the formula I ##STR00001## in which X and Y are selected as follows: (i) X is H and Y is selected from the group consisting of ##STR00002## (ii) X and Y together form a bivalent radical selected from the group consisting of –O–CH.sub.2–O–, –N.dbd.CH–O– and –N.dbd.CH–S– thus forming together with the carbon atoms to which the radical is attached a 5-membered ring. The compounds have cooling properties and are useful in, for example, foodstuffs, dentifrices and cosmetics.
Inventors: Lucienne Cole (Cincinnati); Stefan Michael Furrer (Cincinnati); Christopher Galopin (Chesterfield); Pablo Krawec (Cincinnati); Adam Mazur (Mason, Ohio); Jay Slack (Loveland, Ohio)
Assignee: Givaudan S.A. (Vernier, Switzerland)
Jan. 11, 2011

Apparatus, system, and method for replication of data management information
Patent 7,870,095
An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for replication of data management information. A base replication module replicates a base table on an active server to a first and second standby server. The base table comprises configuration parameters for storage devices, logical volumes, physical interconnections, logical interconnections, and logical subsystems of a storage system, and the like. A session replication module replicates first sessions from a session table stored on the active server to the first standby server and second sessions to the second standby server. The session table stores a plurality of sessions. Each session comprises a plurality of copy sets. The active server manages the sessions using the base table and the session table, and the first and second standby servers do not manage the sessions. A transfer module transfers management of the first sessions to the first standby server.
Inventors: Gregory McBride (Vail, Ariz.); Todd Schlomer (Westminster, Colo.); John Wolfgang (Midlothian)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, N.Y.)
Jan. 11, 2011

GaN bulk growth by Ga vapor transport
Patent 7,867,335
GaN is grown by creating a Ga vapor from a powder, and using an inert purge gas from a source to transport the vapor to a growth site where the GaN growth takes place. In one embodiment, the inert gas is N.sub.2, and the powder source is GaN powder that is loaded into source chambers. The GaN powder is congruently evaporated into Ga and N.sub.2 vapors at temperatures between approximately 1000 and C. The formation of Ga liquid in the powder is suppressed by the purging of an inert gas through the powder. The poser may also be isolated from a nitride containing gas provided at the growth cite. In one embodiment, the inert gas is flowed through the powder.
Inventors: Michael Spencer (Ithaca, N.Y.); Phani Konkapaka (Boise, Idaho); Huaqiang Wu (Sunnyvale, Calif.); Yuri Makarov (Midlothian)
Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation Inc. (Ithaca)
Jan. 11, 2011

Elasticized side members
Patent 7,870,651
The disclosure provides embodiments for elasticized members used as closures for garments, such as diapers, jacket cuffs, and similar articles, the elasticized member having an elastic body having an attachment region adapted for attachment of the elastic body to a garment and a fastener positioned on a distal portion of the elastic body, wherein the elastic body is structured to reduce curl along longitudinal edges and corners of the elastic body upon application of tension to the fastener.
Inventors: Jeffrey Middlesworth (Wauconda, Ill.); Andrew Peacock (Richmond); Matthew O’Sickey (Powhatan); Stephen D. Bruce (Montpelier, Va.)
Assignee: Tredegar Film Products Corp. (Richmond)
Jan. 18, 2011


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