The Docket: Court Roundup for 2.22.12

Bryant Contracting, Inc. v. City of Richmond
The plaintiff won the bid for the Bryan Park Azalea Garden Pond Improvement/Youngs Pond Wall Reconstruction in March 2009.  The work was initially delayed when the city failed to lower the water level in the pond.  Once the plaintiff had access to the pond, it discovered the actual wall depth was much greater than shown on the original plans.  The plaintiff sought additional compensation and submitted a formal claim for $132,547.70, which the city denied. The plaintiff is asking the court to appeal the claim as well as costs and interest.
Law firm:  Kasimer & Annino
Filed:  2/16/2011  CL11000781

Carter Machinery Company, Inc. v. Prestige Construction Group, Inc. and Kenneth Jones
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $23,593.66 with interest and attorney fees of $5,898.42 for [private]breach of contract, unjust enrichment, breach of personal guaranty for equipment and services provided to the defendant in 2010.
Law firm:  Crenshaw, Ware & Martin
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000701

Sherry Bullock v. Eduardo G. Alvarez and Joseph Andriano, M.D.
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $40,000 and punitive damages of $9,999 against the defendants for allegedly falsifying medical records, intentional infliction of emotional distress and respondeat superior.  The plaintiff was overcome by fumes at work and went to the emergency room of CWJ Medical Center-Chippenham Campus on April 10, 2008 and was diagnosed with acute throat pain. The following day, defendant Alvarez, a physician’s assistant working under defendant Andriano, faxed her employer a form stating the plaintiff had been diagnosed with a viral infection. Plaintiff alleges she was not paid by her employer for time missed due to this information. She also alleges that the information provided by defendant Alvarez led to her termination. Also, based on the information provided by the defendant, a third-party claims administrator denied the plaintiff’s claim for worker’s compensation.
Law firm: Andrea C. Long
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000705

Metro S.p.A. Marmi E. Granti v. Fleet Imports of Richmond, LLC
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $48,191.84 with interest.
Law firm:  Hairfield Morton
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000707

James River Petroleum, Inc. t.a. James River Petroleum v. Tilley’s Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance, Inc.
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $44,375.59, finance charges of $1,209.32 and costs.
Law firm:  FloranceGordonBrown
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000713

Felecia Hobbs v. Forest City Grocery, LLC
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $750,000 from the store due to an injury sustained by slipping and falling on May 6. 2008.
Lawfirm:  Cannella & O’Neal
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000714

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company as subrogee Daniel Morgan and Tracy Morgan v. Griffith Heating and Cooling, Inc.
The plaintiff is seeking $90,000 judgment for a defective heat pump installed by the defendant that caused water damage in the plaintiffs home in 2009.
Law firm:  McKenry, Dancigers, Dawson & Lake
Filed:  2/15/2011  CL11000719

Jaden I. House, a minor, by his mother and next friend, Rosa F. House and Rosa F. House v. Old Dominion Tractor and Equipment Company, Inc. and Robert J. Tate
This is a motion to approve a compromise settlement.  The plaintiff was in a house that was struck by the defendant’s truck in February 2008.  The defendant will pay $25,000 in installments.
Law firm:  Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen
Filed:  2/15/2011  CL11000760

Henrico County

Gillies Creek Industrial Recycling, LLC v. Mitchell-Webb Construction, LLC and Kevin M. Welch
The case is being transferred from Hanover County’s jurisdiction and was originally filed Nov. 18, 2010.  The defendant is indebted to the plaintiff in the amount of $34,620 for materials sold to the defendant in July and August of 2010.
Law firm:  Christopher G. Hill
Filed:  2/10/2011  CL11000409

Sports Licensed Division of Adidas Group, LLC v. Gameday Sports, LLC and Catherine Crowe
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $35,574.82 with interest and attorney fees of $8,750.
Law firm:  David H. Gouger
Filed:  2/10/2011  CL11000414

Irene C. Kocen v. Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC, Richard A. Culpepper, Larry Dale and Lawrence Dale and John Doe
The plaintiff’s foot became entangled in a mat while walking down the buffet line, causing her to fall and strike her head on Feb. 14, 2009 and is she is seeking a judgment of $74,900 with interest.
Law firm:  Marks & Harrison
Filed:  2/10/2011  CL11000426

Richmond Real Estate Associates, Ltd. v. Jeff Baumgarner Inc.

The plaintiff is seeking a declaratory judgment for breach of contract by the defendant and a judgment of $64,800.
Law firm:  Moran Reeves & Conn
Filed:  2/10/2011  CL11000427

Spectrum I Merchants II v. Leisure Bay Industries & REC Warehouse
This is a confession of judgment in the amount of $70,000 with interest and attorney fees of $17,500.
Law firm:  E. Thomas Rilee
Filed:  2/11/2011 CL11000429

Philip s. Thompson v. Lone Star Steakhouse of Richmond, Inc. d/b/a Lone Star Steakhouse and/or Lone Start Steakhouse & Saloon, Inc.
The plaintiff slipped and fell at the restaurant on Feb. 22, 2009, and is seeking judgment of $1 million with interest and costs.
Law firm:  MGM Law
Filed:  2/15/2011  CL11000497

Chesterfield County

Cheryl A. Langford v. Chesterfield County, Chesterfield County School Board and Joe N. Carpenter, Jr.
The plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by a school bus driven by defendant Carpenter on Feb. 27, 2009, at the intersection of Pocoshock Boulevard and Route 360.  The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $1,895,499 and costs.
Law firm:  The Joel Bieber Firm
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000364

The County of Chesterfield v. Rainy Day LLC and Meridian Construction Capital LTD. dba Meridian Bank, N.A.
The county is seeking the sale of property owned by the defendants to settle delinquent real estate taxes.
Law firm:  James W. Elliott
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000376

Century Construction Company, Inc. v. MSC Waterworks Company, Inc.
The plaintiff is the general contractor for the Trustees of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church located 9227 River Road, Petersburg, and is seeking to pay the court for a mechanic’s lien placed on the property by the defendant.  The plaintiff is offering $30,192.22 or any other sums deemed by the court or a surety bond to release the property.
Law firm:  Saunders, Patterson & Mack
Filed:  2/14/2011  CL11000384


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Al Davis
9 years ago

Bryant Contracting should have done more research, so sorry charlie.