Business Licenses for 3.17.11


AGI Productions
Richmond Home & Garden Show
600 E Laburnum Ave, 23222
Sales Promotion/Flea

Steven L. Anderson
Iron Kingz
8312 Fulham Ct, 23227
Ret Merch/Whlse

Marvin G. Andrews
Marvin’s Affordable Pallets
1420 Village Field Dr, 23231
Wholesale Merchant

Eliza Bowman
Eliza Pearls’ Treasures
3302 E Williamsburg Rd, 23231
Retail Gen Merch [private]

Juanita Berry
Admired Blooms
3630 Williamsburg Rd, 23231
Retail Gen Merch

Jonathan Brown
Full Fret Music LLC
2402 Lourdes Rd, 23228
Retail Gen Merch

Brush Strokes Painting Inc.
1021 Sholey Rd, 23231
Contr Hen General

C & E Gun Shows
Dixie Classic Gun & Knife Show
3000 Mechanicsville Tpke, 23223
Sales Promotion/Flea

Cabin It Richmond LLC
Napoleon Taxicab

John T. Cox
6108 Bickerstaff Pl, 23231
Personal Services

Colette Claiborne
Aaliyah’s Crazy Cakes/Brandon’s
3302 Austin Ave, 23222
Ret. Food

Eilaf Medical Transportation L
9008 Fawn La, 23229
Transportation Svcs

Kenneth A. Goodman
3302 Williamsburg Rd, 23223
Retail Gen Merch

GWF Enterprises Inc.
8408 Town Hall Ct, 23231
Personal Services

Jason M. Harris
Standup Paddle Boards Richmond
6111 Ellis Ave, 23228
Per Serv/Ret Mer

Arik Hayot
Richmond Locksmith Emergency 24/7
4129 Townhouse Rd, 23228

Aaron James
Capitol Sounds
4300 Oakleys La, 23223
Personal Services

Keith Yates
4-B Kutz2
4320 S Laburnum Ave, 23231
Barber Shop

Jason R. Leake
3295 Charles City Rd, 23231
Personal Services

Thea McKenzie
Eat at Home
251 Rocketts Wy, 23231
Personal Services

Kenneth L. Oliver
The Masters Touch Unisex Salon
5407 Lakeside Ave, 23228
Hair Dressing

One of a Kind Landscaping & HR
Various Locations
Contr Foreign Gen

Everett D. Phelps, Jr.
4-B Kutz1
4320 S Laburnum Ave, 23231
Barber Shop

Larry R. Proctor
Proctor Flooring
2408 Lauderdale Dr, 23238
Contr Hen General

Reginald Palmer
2111 Francis Rd, 23060
Personal Services

Gary J. Ross
4-B Kutz
4320 S Laburnum Ave, 23231
Barber Shop

Nicole Hyman & Kimberly Richardson
Sassie Shoes
2308 Watts La, 23223
Retail Gen Merch

Nikki Rios
Perfectly Clean
2704 Bolling Ter, 23223
Cleaning Services

Reykirk LLC
Nexgen Grounds Services
3840 Howard Rd, 23223
Lawn Maintenance

Istiaque Rahman
Rip Cab
5204 Argus La, 23230

Sergiy Sholokh
Continent Taxi
9301 Broad Meadows Rd, 23060

Skyy Realty Group LLC
5016 Cedar Acres Ct, 23223
Personal Services

The Trimble Agency LLC
10503 Thames Dr, 23238
Social Counselor

US East Educational Consulting LLC
12217 Jamieson Pl, 23059
Consulting Services

Donn M. Williams
Williams Lawn Care
9809 Durango Rd, 23228
Lawn Maintenance

Louis & Juanita Winbush
Louis & Juanita Nutronix Sales
1106 Bentbrook Dr, 23231
Retail Gen Merch

Larry Yates, Jr.
5303 Raleigh Rd, 23231
Lawn Maintenance


A Heart For You, Inc.
11634 Belvedere Vista Ln, 23235
Personal Service-Generally

Christopher D. Baldwin
Misfits Enterprises
7103 Branched Antler Ter, 23112
Personal Service-Generally

Aiesha A. Bebbs
Style It Up!
10310 Midlothian Tpke, 23235
Personal Service-Beauty Salon

Archie A. Claiborne
Claiborne’s Tile and Contracting
9400 Telstar Dr, 23237
Contractor – Generally

Ellen I. Draper
10274 Iron Mill Rd, 23235
Business Service-Merchandise Broker

Timothy H. Gates
Tim Gates Designs
2209 Lake Surrey Dr, 23235
Personal Service-Generally

Clinton L. Griffin
Clint’s Auto Shop
16411 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23834
Repair Service – Generally

Michael D. Hall
Home Resolutions
8931 Deerwater Rd, 23237
Contractor – Generally

Kyle D. Harris
Mobile Solutions
11701 Taylor Rd, 23838
Retail Merchant-Generally

Billy J. Hogwood
Klean Karz Mobile Detail
14002 Stevenhurst Dr, 23831
Personal Service-Generally

Loraine J. Innes
Bellus Color Studio
5005 Craig Rath Blvd, 23112
Personal Service-Beauty Salon

James E. Longstreth
Sunshine Homes
2212 Worchester Rd, 23113
Contractor – Generally

Pedro A. Moreira, Jr. & Michael D. Austin
Crave RVA Productions
7501 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23237
Business Service – Generally

Janet Pak
Posh Weddings and Events
10824 Poachers Run, 23832
Personal Service-Generally

Hanh Tuong Pham
CA Nails
12540 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23831
Personal Service-Generally

The Law Firm of Jason Reed, PLC
10301 Memory Ln, Ste 201, 23832
Professional Service-Attorney

Riley Mechanical, LLC
13200 Dawnwood Ct, 23114
Contractor – Generally

Charles McCoy Shearin
Mr. Renovation
4321 Stigall Dr, 23112
Personal Service-Generally

Anthony R. Stevens, Sr.
A.M.S. Home Improvement
8730 Corcoran Pl, 23832
Contractor – Generally

Bob M. White
B A Diva
3631 Kiefer Rd, 23831
Retail Merchant-Generally

Carlos W. White
Ceeray’s Mobile Car Detailing
1130 Mansfield Crossing Rd, 23236
Personal Service-Generally

Zackary Michael Williams
14415 Trophy Buck Ct, 23112
Contractor – Generally

R. Mahlon Woodell
Woodell Construction
10801 Sydelle Dr, 23235
Contractor – Generally

Douglas L. Wray
5700 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23234
Retail Merchant-Generally

Diane Ruth Young
Dj’s Paradise Travel
7518 Autumnleaf Ct, 23234
Personal Service-Generally


Meaningless Asparagus Printing Corporation
1521 Hull St, 23224
Other Personal Services

Alfreda Redd
5701 Snead Rd, 23224

Bizooogle Llc
3505 Skipping Rock Way, 23234

Maid Brigade
1507 Altamont Ave, 23230
Cleaning Service

Simons Café Inc
6301 Old Warwick Rd, 23234

Sonya Monterio
The Experience
602 Larrymore Ct, 23225
Other Personal Service [/private]

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