The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 4.13.11

Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery
Patent 7,918,823
Apparatuses for automatic medicament injection and methods for manufacturing automatic medicament injectors are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a housing, a needle, an energy storage member, an actuator, a locking member, and a needle guard. The needle is configured to move between a first position and a second position. [private]In its first position, the needle is contained within the housing. In its second position, at least a portion of the needle extends from the housing. The energy storage member has a first configuration and a second configuration and is configured to produce a force when moving between its first configuration and its second configuration to move the needle from its first position to its second position. The actuator is configured to move the energy storage member from its first configuration to its second configuration. The locking member is movably coupled to the distal end portion of the housing such that the locking member can be moved between a first position and a second position. In its first position, the locking member is configured to engage the actuator to prevent the actuator from moving the energy storage member to the second configuration. The needle guard is removably coupled to at least one of the distal end portion of the housing or a base movably coupled to the distal end portion of the housing.
Inventors: Eric Edwards (Midlothian); Evan Edwards (Fredericksburg); Mark Licata (Doswell); Paul F. Meyers (Fishers, Ind.)
Assignee: Intelliject Inc. (Richmond)
April 5, 2011

Flower stem bag wrap with outer plastic covering
Patent    7,921,597
A horticultural cut flower container assembly comprising a plastic bag with a folded cross shaped base member of flexible foam material secured to the bag, the cross shaped foam material being adapted to receive the stem ends of a bunch of cut flowers and a drawstring mounted to the bag encircling the bag and stem ends of a bunch of cut flowers to hold the stem ends in said bag in a secured position.
Inventors: Wayne Castleberry (Richmond)
April 12, 2011

On line formation of recessed cigarette filter
Patent 7,918,232
A process for the on line production of cigarette filters comprises the steps of conveying a continuous thin flexible substrate past a source of smoke altering particulate material, such as adsorbents, catalysts and flavorants. An electrostatic charge is applied onto the substrate upstream of the source of particulate material. A layer of particulate material from the source is deposited onto the substrate with the thickness of the layer depending upon the strength of the electrostatic charge. The coated substrate is then cut into pieces, and the pieces are placed into the cavities between spaced apart filter components. In an alternative process, filter paper is coated with smoke altering particulate material by electrostatic deposition techniques, and spaced apart filter components are placed onto the particulate coated filter paper which is then folded around the filter components.
Inventors: Georgios Karles (Richmond); Henry Dante (Midlothian); Xuan Pham (Glen Allen); Barry Smith (Hopewell)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
April 5, 2011

Tampon applicator barrels having gripping structures and methods of forming
Patent 7,918,004
A tampon applicator barrel including a cardboard tube having a first end and a second end and at least one gripping structure defined from the cardboard tube proximate the second end is provided. The cardboard tube has a wall thickness of between about 0.015 and about 0.020 inches, while the gripping structure has a height of up to about 0.035 inches.
Inventors: Wayne Melvin (Felton, Del.); Michael Miller (Dover, Del.); Jamshid Rejai (Dover); Van Pham (Dover); Joseph Konrad (Dover); Wojtek Drewnowski (Richmond)
Assignee: Playtex Products, Inc. (Westport, Conn.)
April 5, 2011


Marker mapping and resistance gene associations in soybean
Patent 7,919,675
The invention provides novel molecular genetic markers in soybean, where the markers are useful, for example, in the marker-assisted selection of gene alleles that impart disease-resistance, thereby allowing the identification and selection of a disease-resistant plant. The markers also find use in positional cloning of disease-resistance genes.
Inventors: Michael Godwin (Virginia Beach); Feng Han (Johnston, Iowa); Alec Hayes (Chesterfield); Xu Hu (Johnston, Iowa); Soon-Chun Jeong (Daejon, South Korea); Guihua Lu (Beijing, China); M. A. Saghai Maroof (Blacksburg)
Assignee: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. (Johnston)
April 5, 2011

Patent D635,730
This is an initial patents for claims on the ornamental design for an iron.
Inventors: Charles Young Choi (Chicago, Ill.); Mark Pavel (Downers Grove, Ill.); Mark Turner (Mechanicsville)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)
April 5, 2011

Dispensing blender jar
Patent 7,918,601
A blender jar defines a geometry to impart vertical movement to material being processed in the blender jar, and, alternatively or in combination, improves the horizontal movement to the blended material. By configuring one or more agitators on the floor of a jar, laminar flow or symmetric flow of material around the jar is disrupted. The material is forced in an upward direction in the jar and, therefore, into more frequent contact with the cutter blades rotating in the jar. A dispensing blender jar includes a hole in the jar wall that leads to a dispensing spout. The hole is positioned, at least in part, on the leading edge of a vertical bump in the sidewall of the jar.
Inventors: Benjamin Branson III (Mechanicsville); John Bohannon Jr. (Goode, Va.); Brian Williams (Midlothian)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. (Glen Allen)
April 5, 2011

Lidding for a child-resistant blister package
Patent 7,919,171
A blister package is provided in which the lidding component includes a tear-resistant nonwoven layer and a barrier layer wherein the controlled delamination of the nonwoven layer increases the puncture resistance, thereby improving the child-resistant properties of the package.
Inventors: Patrick Young (Colonial Heights)
Assignee: E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 5, 2011

Nucleic acids encoding anthelmintic agents and plants made therefrom
Patent 7,919,680
The present invention provides DNA constructs, transgenic plants containing such constructs, and methods of making the plants. The DNA constructs encode a polypeptide that when expressed results in the production of fatty acid compounds having anthelmintic activity. Transgenic plants expressing such a polypeptide can exhibit enhanced resistance to plant parasitic nematodes, particularly when expressed in vegetative tissues. Transgenic plants expressing such a polypeptide can also be useful for non-pesticidal industrial uses.
Inventors: Michelle Gasper (St. Charles, Mo.); Catherine Baublite (St. Louis, Mo.); Andrew Kloek (San Francisco); Jennifer Davila-Aponte (Ashburn); Michelle Coutu Hresko (Chesterfield); Merry McLaird (Kirkwood, Mo.); Rodolfo Zentella (Durham, N.C.); Deryck Williams (University City, Mo.)
Assignee: Divergence Inc. (St. Louis)
April 5, 2011

Electrical insulation fluids for use in electrical apparatus
Patent 7,919,017
Insulation fluids comprising polytrimethylene ether glycol esters are provided. The insulation fluids can be used in electrical apparatuses.
Inventors: Lisa Bates (Chester); Hari Babu Sunkara (Hockessin, Del.)
Assignee: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, DE)
April 5, 2011

Laminated ballistic sheet
Patent 7,923,094
A non-woven ballistic material that demonstrates exceptional ballistic properties which ballistic material is fabricated by the lamination or angular lamination of a plurality of wide sheets of UHMWPE comprising a plurality of strips of highly oriented ultra high molecular weight polyethylene partially overlapped or abutted longitudinally to define joints between adjoining strips wherein the thickness of the joint is less than about 80% of the thickness of the sum of the thicknesses of the adjoining strips that make up the joint.
Inventors: Kenneth Harding (Midlothian); Gene Weedon (Richmond); Joe Mitchell (Concord, N.C.); Lisa Owen (Charlotte, N.C.)
Assignee: BAE Systems Tensylon High Performance Materials Inc. (Monroe, N.C.)
April 12, 2011

Method of manufacturing a composite filter media
Patent    7,922,959
A method of making a composite filter media includes, in an exemplary embodiment, forming a nonwoven fabric mat that includes a plurality of synthetic fibers by a spunbond process, and calendering the nonwoven fabric mat with embossing calender rolls to form a bond area pattern comprising a plurality of substantially parallel discontinuous lines of bond area to bond the synthetic fibers together to form a nonwoven fabric, the nonwoven fabric having a filtration efficiency of about 35% to less than 50%, measured in accordance with EN 1822 (1998) test procedure. The method also includes applying a nanofiber layer by electro-blown spinning a polymer solution to form a plurality of nanofibers on at least one side of the nonwoven fabric mat to form the composite filter media, the composite filter media having a minimum filtration efficiency of about 70%, measured in accordance with EN 1822 (1998) test procedure.
Inventors: David Jones (Midlothian); Hyun Sung Lim (Midlothian)
Assignee: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 12, 2011

High performance ballistic composites having improved flexibility and method of making the same
Patent 7,919,418
A composite material which has excellent ballistic performance and has improved flexibility. Surprisingly, it has been found that a combination of poly(alpha-olefin) fiber and matrix resin provides these desirable product features. The resin matrix is a block copolymer of a conjugated diene and a vinyl aromatic monomer, preferably a styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer, that is applied as an aqueous composition. The fiber has a tenacity of at least about 35 g/d and a tensile modulus of at least about 1200 g/d. The composite has a total density equal to or less than about 100 g/m.sup.2 and a stiffness of less than about 2.5 pounds (1.14 kg) for a two layer structure of the composite, and a total areal density equal to or less than about 190 g/m.sup.2 and a stiffness of less than about 3.0 pounds (1.36 kg) for a four layer structure of the composite. The Peel Strength for a two layer structure of less than about 1.0 pounds (0.45 kg) for a two layer structure of the composite, and less than about 0.7 pounds (0.32 kg) for a four layer structure of the composite. The process of this invention permits fabrication of these desirable products in a cost-effective manner. Body armor made from the composite has improved flexibility and excellent ballistic characteristics.
Inventors: Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond); Brian Arvidson (Chester); David Hurst (Richmond); Danelle Powers (Chesterfield); David Steenkamer (Midlothian)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
April 5, 2011


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