The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.4.11


StellarOne Bank v. P.P.J.C., L.C.; Phillip Cornett; Pamela Hoag; Cynthia Edwards; James Cornett III
Defendants owe plaintiff $1,950,000 on an unpaid note.
Law firm: Christian Barton
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-3553

StellarOne Bank v. Cornett Hospitality LLC
Defendants owe plaintiff $1,126,000 on an unpaid note.
Law firm: Christian Barton
Filed: 7/27/2011  CL11-3580

 Demond Sheff v. Spring Hill Subdivision; Fred Linwood Henderson Jr.; Fred C. Henderson Jr.; Laverne Henderson; Barbara Pegram
Plaintiff was injured when a decayed tree fell on his vehicle and injured him. Plaintiff seeks $950,000.
Law firm: Cannella  O’Neal
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-3554 [private]

ValiAnne Trusler v. Hanesbrands Inc. dba Leggs Hanes Bali Playtex Factory Outlets
Plaintiff was locked in the store after hours while she was trying on clothes. Plaintiff seeks $750,000.
Law firm: Epperly  Follis
Filed: 7/25/27  CL11-3576

 REDC Community Capital Group Inc. fka Richmond Economic Development Corporation v. Patricia Scott; MGP Choice Consultants LLC
Defendant owes plaintiff $31,000 on an overdue note.
Law firm: Albert Thweatt
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-3540

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association v. Bermisa & Bermisa MD, PLC
Confessed judgment for $36,000.
Law firm: Kutak Rock
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-3551

 Sun Trust Bank v. Epps Investment Corporation
Confessed judgment for $44,600.
Law firm: none listed
Filed: 7/26/2011  CL11-3559

 William Graeter v. Richmond Restaurant Group IV, LLC; The Diradour LLC
Plaintiff asks the Court to enforce the Richmond City Code on restaurants and noise.
Law firm: Rothenberg Streeter
Filed: 7/27/2011  CL11-3572

Aaron McArthur v. Rhonda Spady Esq.; Rhonda Spady P.C.
Plaintiff took a plea deal understanding that by doing so he would not have to register as a sex offender. When he was released from jail, he found that to be untrue. He seeks restitution from his attorney.
Law firm: Leiser  Leiser
Filed: 7/27/2011  CL11-3578

Jerry Hopkins; Hopkins LLC v. Christian Barton LLP; William Newman
Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages for Jerry Hopkins of $5,100,000 and $2,100,000 for Hopkins LLC for legal malpractice.
Law firm: Steven Biss
Filed: 7/28/2011  CL11-3594


 Frederic Tolleson v. C& T LLC; Manuel Cedeno
Plaintiff seeks dissolution of C&T LLC and an accounting of the books plus $40,000 punitive damages.
Law firm: Innsbrook Law
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-1966

LVB Enterprises Inc. v. AAA Mid-Atlantic, Inc.; Charles Brady
Breach of contract. Plaintiff incurred expenses expanding his emergency roadside business through a AAA program that later changed, decreasing his referrals. Plaintiff seeks $18 million.
Law firm: Corcoran & Sitton
Filed: 7/28/2011   CL11-1999


Huseyin Gok v. Eco Marble & Granite Inc.; Volkan Yoltay
Plaintiff was severely and permanently injured in a dog attack when he went to speak to the owner of Eco about a job at his invitation. Plaintiff seeks $2 million.
Law firm: Lewis & Associates
Filed: 7/25/2011  CL11-2240

East Coast Concrete Concepts LLC v. Westfield Insurance Company, Build Services LLC; Shaw Construction Corp.
Plaintiff seeks $33,500 for labor and materials.
Law firm: Blackburn Conte
Filed: 7/13/2011  CL11-2118

 Employers Assurance Company fka AmComp v. V.A.D. Port Inc.; Portugal Construction Inc.
Plaintiff seeks $15,000 from defendant for additional insurance premiums.
Law firm: Russell Stern
Filed: 7/22/2011  CL11-2228


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