The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.10.11


Brenda Hargrove, administrator of the estate of Keith Hargrove, deceased v. The Family Counseling Center for Recovery
Plaintiff was administered 10 times the prescribed dose of Methadone, suffering severe injuries.
Law firm: Emroch  Kilduff
Filed: 7/2/2011  CL11-3607

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company v. NAQIB LLC; Bobby Vora; Younif Vora
Plaintiff asks the Court to sell the property and pay the bank its due and for a money judgment of $1,093,000.
Law firm: Spotts Fain
Filed: 8/1/2011  CL11-3634

Beaver Creek Company LLC; 250 West LC; Maple Green Homeowners Association; James Covington
Plaintiff asks the Court to declare plaintiff the sole owner of the improvements on her property and plaintiff may alter those improvements. Compensatory and punitive damages are to be determined at trial.
Law firm: McGuire Woods
Filed: 8/4/2011  CL11-3734 [private]

McCandlish Holton PC v. Linda Caruthers; Long Term Care Consultants Inc.
Defendant owes plaintiff $132,000 for legal services.
Law firm: McCandlish  Holton
Filed: 8/1/2011  CL11-3644

Brandon Walea v. Cedar Fair Southwest Inc.; Rhode Island Novelty Co.
Plastic wheels of a skateboard cracked and shattered, causing plaintiff to fall and sustain injuries. Plaintiff seeks $1,500,000.
Law firm: James Hundley
Filed: 8/4/2011  CL11-3718

Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel. State Corporation Commission v. Virginia Business Bank
The FDIC is appointed as receiver for the defendant.
Law firm: State Corporation Commission
Filed: 7/27/2011  CL11-3567

John Cole v. VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
This is a FOIA request for information regarding plaintiff’s application for employment.
Law firm: Pamela Branch Lawrence
Filed: 8/4/2011  CL11-3731

Grayson Fentriss v. D&S Towing LLC; D. Poonsammy
Employee of plaintiff stole two cars from the lot, sold them to D&S when they were crushed. Plaintiff seeks $15,000 in compensatory damages and $25,000 in exemplary damages.
Law firm: Pro se
Filed: 8/4/2011  CL11-3723

Samuel Chavis et al. v. Addie Lee Agroe; Larry Chavis; Charles Chavis; Kenmaynard Scott; Vonda Scott; Edward Scott; Mildred Scott; Robert Chavis; Belinda Chavis; MCV Associated Physicians; Virginia Hand Center PC; First Virginia Bank-Colonial; United States of America; Virginia Karate Club; Commonwealth of Virginia; Department of Social Services, Child Support; City of Richmond; Any unknown heirs or creditors of Frances Chavis
Plaintiff asks the Court to direct a sale of the property and the proceeds be divided according to the rights of the recipients.
Law firm: Hill & Rainey
Filed: 7/29/2011  CL11-3615


Meridian Bank N.A. fka Meridian Construction Capital LLC fka Silver Construction Capital fka Silver Mortgage Company LLC v. Price Designs Inc.; Scott Price; Kimberly Price; Amanda Price Drudge aka Amanda L. Drudge; Kevin Griffith; Angela Griffith; John Myers, Trustee; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.; Branch Banking and Trust Company; John D. Smith
This is a complaint to set aside fraudulent or voluntary conveyances.
Law firm: Spotts Fain
Filed: 8/3/2011  CL11-2073

HK Cloverleaf LLC v. Building Dreams Academy LLC; Karen Young; Michael Pearson Sr.
Defendants owe plaintiff $130,000 in back lease payments.
Law firm: Matthew Zwerdling
Filed: 8/5/2011  CL11-2086

Space Properties LLC; Robert Owens; JSA LLC ta Jackson Point LLC; Azalea Properties LLC; Heritage Pointe LLC; Bellevue Property Group LLC; Petersburgland LLC; Deering Land Company LLC; Hopkins Land Company LLC; Cogbill Land Co. LLC; East End Properties LLC; Riverside Land Properties LLC; Bellevue Land Company LLC; Abby Square Properties LLC; Graham Road Property Company LLC; Commerce Street Property Company LLC v. Community Television of Virginia LLC ta WTVR TV and Catherine Beck aka Catie Beck
This case is about defamation and conspiracy to harm trade. WTVR has run a series of stories on complaints from evicted residents, terminated employees and allegations of investigations by government agencies against Space Properties. Plaintiff seeks $54,000,000 in compensatory damages for lost property value and loss of business, $3 million in compensatory damages for loss of income and $260,000 in compensatory damages for loss of reputation and emotional stress plus $350,000 in punitive damages. You can read a full story on it here.
Law firm: Sands Anderson
Filed: 8/5/2011  CL11-2096

Old Dominion Floor Co. Inc. v. Southport General Contractors and Management LLC
This is a confession of judgment for $25,000.
Law firm: R. Glen Morgan
Filed: 7/27/2011  CL11-1986


James River Interiors Inc. v. Earl Thompson Inc.
Defendant failed to make payments on a loan and owes plaintiff $500,000.
Law firm: Duffy Myrtetus  Matthew Chmiel
Filed: 8/1/2011  CL11-2306

Gerry Sherlock v. Apex Systems Inc.
This complaint is for assault and battery and wrongful termination. Plaintiff reported an incident of inappropriate sexual contact to HR and four months later was terminated.
Law firm: Kalbaugh Pfund
Filed: 7/29/2011  CL11-2281

Best by Test Janitorial Company; Dennis Brown v. Knowledge Learning Corporation; KinderCare Learning Centers
This complaint is about breach of contract and defamation. Plaintiff seeks $250,000 in damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.
Law firm: Stephen Armstrong
Filed: 7/26/2011  CL11-2248 [/private]

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