The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.18.11


G.E. Capital Information Technology Solutions Inc. v. C2 Ink Incorporated; Matthew Carson
Confession of judgment for $68,000.
Law firm: n/a
File date: 8/12/2011  CL11-3810

Evonne Fleming-Robinson v. The Pearson Company Inc. dba Pearson Chrysler Jeep dba C.A.R. Rentals Inc. dba Pearson Enterprises Inc. dba other numerous names.
Slip and fall for $195,000.
Law firm: Rodney Sager
File date: 8/10/2011  CL11-3790 [private]

The Sherwin Williams Company v. Amy Jo Knehr, individually trading as and guarantor for Amy’s Paint Co. and Amy Knehr Painting; Joe Knehr
Breach of contract. Defendant owes plaintiff $41,000 for paint and materials.
Law firm: Solodar
File date: 8/10/2011  CL11-3787

Long Flooring LP v. Jet Services Hardwood Floors Inc.; Ole Jonny Silversten, Jason Jones
Breach of contract. Defendant owes $47,000 on a credit account.
Law firm: Sands Anderson
File date: 8/9/2011  CL11-3783

Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. v. The Optical Sensation Inc.
Breach of contract. Defendant owes plaintiff $53,000 for goods and services.
Law firm: Cantor Cantor
File date: 8/10/2011  CL11-3784

Notel Networks Inc. v. Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Taxation
Application for correction or erroneous assessment of sales and use taxes.
Law firm: Willcox  Savage
File date: 8/9/2011  CL11-3772

Sun Trust Bank v. Watts & Associates Design Firm Inc. aka Watts & Associates Design; Allister Watts; Sephoria Watts
Breach of contract. Defendant defaulted on a note and owes plaintiff $49,000.
Law firm: Rubenstein Cogan
File date: 8/9/2011  CL11-3771

Patricia Lynn Sullivan aka Patricia Sullivan aka Patricia L. Sullivan v. Venkataraman Santosh MD; Surgical Associates of Richmond Inc.; Bon Secours-St. Francis Medical Center Inc.
Medical negligence. Surgical sponges left in abdomen.
Law firm: Kuchinsky  Yeamans
File date: 8/11/2011  CL11-3710

Datina Moore v. Wal-Mart Stores East LP trading as Wal-Mart Supercenter Store 540; Wal-Mart Stores East Inc.; Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Slip and fall for  $500,000.
Law firm: McEachin  Gee
File date: 8/12/2011  CL11-3803

LRJ Honey Tree LLC dba Honeytree Apartments v. Raymond’s Floor Covering LLC; Carlos Carvalho Rodrigues
Negligence. A fire ignited from the vapors of a flammable adhesive and gas-fired equipment damaged units 1529 and 1530. Plaintiff seeks $1,200,000.
Law firm: Thompson McMullan
File date: 8/11/2011  CL11-3801


Bobby Joe Averette v. K&L Supply Co. Inc.; The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America Ltd; LDI Ltd. LLC; Tucker-Rocky Distributing Company
Defective merchandise. Defective tire on a motorcycle cause the plaintiff to be thrown onto the highway and to suffer injuries. Plaintiff seeks $2,500,000.
Law firm: Meyer Goergen
File date: 8/11/2011  CL11-2143

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation v. Bethel Corporation; Geabyung “Gea” Jeon
Defendant defaulted on payments. Plaintiffs seek $79,000 and for the defendants to surrender the vehicle.
Law firm: McKenry Dancigers
File date: 8/5/2011  CL11-2345

Costen Floors Inc. v. R. J. Vaughan Contractor Inc.; Richard Vaughan
Defendant owes $25,000 on a past due account.
Law  firm: Derrick Rosser
File date: 7/27/2011  CL11-2258

B.W. Wilson Paper Company Incorporated v. Goodway Graphics of Virginia Inc.
Defendant owes $23,000 on a credit line.
Law firm: Lafayette Ayers
File date: 7/27/2011  CL11-2261

Federal Cases:

Velocity Micro Inc. v. J.A.Z. Marketing, Inc. and John Hertensteiner
Plaintiff is a Chesterfield-based maker of high-end desktop computers and claims that its former marketing firm and sales representative has made a series of false statements and accusations about the company after its contract was not renewed. The suit seeks an injunction against J.A.Z. Marketing, punitive damages of $350,000 and a minimum of $75,000 in compensatory damages.
Law firm: Troutman Sanders
Filed: 7/22/11

Virginia Tourism Authority dba the Virginia Tourism Corporation v. United Souvenir & Apparel
Plaintiff alleges that United Souvenir Apparel, a Maryland-based T-shirt company, has infringed on the authority’s trademark slogan: Virginia is For Lovers. The tourism authority seeks a court order that United cease use of the trademark, as well as monetary damages. [/private]

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