The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.24.11


 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association v. M&M Collision Inc.; Robert Estabrooke; Amy Hansen; Suburban Auto Body of Fredericksburg Inc.; Suburban Auto Body of Herndon Inc.; Estabrooke & Hansen LLC
Confession of judgment for $48,000.
Law firm: not listed
Filed: 8/17/2011  CL11-3905

James Johannes; W. Lauraine Davis v. Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company aka Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance; Countrywide Home Loans Inc.
Defendants insured plaintiffs’ home that was damaged in a storm and have not paid for the damage. Plaintiffs seek $1 million in compensatory damages.
Law firm: Silver Brown
Filed: 8/18/2011  CL11-3913

Alan Delforn v. Thomas White; City of Richmond
Plaintiff was maliciously prosecuted for failure to maintain property because of previous disputes with the the Commonwealth attorney. Plaintiff also seeks information based on FOIA that is not being released by the City.
Law firm: Paul Buckwalter
Filed: 8/15/2011  CL11-3830 [private]


Melissa Bass v. WLVA Gyms LLC dba Gold’s Gym International Inc.; Gold’s Gym Franchising LLC; Naomi Osborne; Spring Stanger; John Doe, employee and/or employees of WLVA Gyms LLC dba Gold’s Gym
Plaintiff was injured when a strap failed allowing her foot to slip off the pedal while she was spinning. Her foot was twisted, and she was injured. Plaintiff seeks $504,000.
Law Firm: Marks  Harrison
Filed: 8/16/2011  CL11-2443

George Robinson v. Dynamic Systems Inc.
Defendant refused to pay the plaintiff the severance pay called for in his contract. Plaintiff seeks $40,000 in contractual damages and $34,000 in unpaid overtime.
Law firm: David Simonsen  Vickey Verwey
Filed: 8/16/2011  CL11-2444

Essex Insurance Company v. Buckingham Branch Railroad Company; Thomas Morris
This is a complaint for declaratory judgment. Plaintiff issued the defendant a policy with the requirement that Essex be notified of any injuries as soon as possible. Plaintiff asks the Court to declare that Buckingham Branch did not have coverage.
Law firm: Sinnott  Nuckols
Law firm: 8/16/2011  CL11-2448

Piedmont Electrical Company v. MGT Construction Management Inc.
In a breach of contract the defendant owes the plaintiff $56,000 for work completed.
Law firm: Blackburn Conte
Filed: 8/16/2011  CL11-2480

CA Insurance Company (Ontario) v. Hamilton Beach Brands Inc.
This is negligence and a breach of implied warranty where a defective toaster ignited a fire resulting in damages. Plaintiff seeks $64,000.
Law firm: Wilson Elser
Filed: 8/12/2011  CL11-2417

Performance Food Group Co. LLC v. B.S.H.G.; Michael Dawson; Kenneth Earls
The defendant owes the plaintiff $25,000 in a breach of contract.
Law firm: Andrew Biondi
Filed: 8/12/2011  CL11-2421


Ernest Lail v. The Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut
This is a breach of contract where the defendant has failed to pay for the fire damage in the plaintiff’s home. The plaintiff seeks $658,000.
Law firm: Leslie Saunders
Filed: 8/19/2011  CL11-2222

DarMar II assignee of Absolute Resolution Corp assignee of Wells Fargo Bank v. Frank H. Nott Inc.; Frank H. Nott
The defendant owes $39,000 on a credit card account.
Law firm: Darrell Drinkwater  Richard Epps
Filed: 8/19/2011  CL11-2211

FIA Card Services N.A. v. Dr. Julius Morrison
The defendant owes the plaintiff $17,000 on a credit card account.
Law firm: Glasser  Glasser
Filed: 8/19/2011  CL11-2215

Joseph Lewis v. Nomis Antiquities Inc.
Garnishment for $1,919,705.
Law firm: Hirschler  Fleischer
Filed: 8/15/2011  CL11-2166 [/private]

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