The Docket: Court Roundup for 9.1.11


Darrell Mauney v. CSX Transportation Inc.
FELA action. Plaintiff was injured in a van while on the job. Plaintiff seeks $5 million.
Law firm: Shapiro Cooper
Date filed: 8/25/2011  CL11-3961

Tiwuana Charles v. Lawrence Radvany; Keystone Automotive Industries Inc.
Automobile negligence. $1,250,000.
Law firm: Tronfeld West
Date filed: 8/25/2011  CL11-3982 [private]

Paintball Authority LLC v. Light-VanAusdall, Inc.
Breach of contract. Defendant failed to abide by a non-disclosure clause in the contract. Plaintiffs seek $250,000.
Law firm: Corcoran Sitton (You can read more about it in an RBS story here)
Date filed: 8/25/2011  CL11-3983

Stephen Bastien v. New Kent Coatings Inc.
Violation of Virginians with Disabilities Act. Plaintiff was fired and the employment contract was violated. Plaintiff seeks $200,000.
Law firm: Thomas Roberts  Robert Gallagher
Date filed: 8/25/2011  CL11-3989

CH Construction LLC v. Alan Butler; Michelle Lowe-Butler; Valley Construction Corps. LLC; Act Remediation and Resources LLC
Law firm: Williams Mullen
Date filed: 8/26/2011  CL11-3994


Toyota Motor Credit Corporation v. Bethel Corporation; Geabyung “Gea” Jeoun
Breach of contract. Plaintiff seeks $47,000 and surrender of vehicle.
Law firm: McKenry Dancigers
Date filed: 8/22/2011  CL11-2495

Performance Food Group Co. LLC v. B.S.H.G. LLC; Michael J. Dawson; Kenneth Earls
Breach of contract, guaranty. Defendants owe $40,000.
Law firm: Sands Anderson
Date filed: 8/21/2011  CL11-2421

Performance Food Group Co. LLC v. TJ’s Properties LLC; TJ’s Catering LLC; Dave Traber Inc.; David F. Traber
Breach of contract. Defendants owe plaintiff $40,000.
Law firm: Sands Anderson
Date filed: 8/22/2011  CL11-2494

Performance Food Group Inc. dba Vistar and Vistar Corporation v. Wood Vending Inc.; Thomas Simpson
Breach of contract. Defendant owes plaintiff $255,000 on an open credit account.
Law firm: Reed Smith
Date filed: 8/24/2011  CL11-2540


Joseph Lewis v. Nomis Antiquities Inc.
Garnishment for $1,919,000.
Law firm: Hirschler  Fleischer
Date filed: 8/15/2011  CL11-2165

Shaun Lumpkin; Annette Lumpkin v. R.D. Newman Builder Inc.; Roger Newman
Breach of contract. Defendant owes plaintiff $130,000 on a promissory note.
Law firm: Cowan Gates
Date filed: 8/22/2011  CL11-2230

Lenox Industries v. Hix Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
Breach of contract. Defendant owes plaintiff $26,000 for materials.
Law firm: Solodar
Date filed: 8/25/2011  CL11-2262

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