The Docket: Court Roundup for 9.8.11


Virginia Hiway Inc. dba VHI Transport v. Bullet Trucking Inc.
Defendant breached the contract by soliciting the plaintiff’s customers. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $150,000 and punitive damages of $350,000.
Law firm: Daniels Morgan
Filed: 8/30/2011  CL11-4049

Elaine Simmons v. Precor Incorporated
Plaintiff was injured on a piece of exercise equipment and seeks $250,000.
Law firm: Meyer Goergen
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-4099

Elaine Simmons v. Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Richmond; David Taliaferro
Plaintiff was injured on a piece of exercise equipment and seeks $250,000.
Law firm: Meyer Goergen
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-4083 [private]

David Whitaker v. Richmond International Raceway Inc.; Jim Davis
Defendant was driving the plaintiff from the handicap parking to the raceway facility when hit a fence throwing the plaintiff out on the pavement. Plaintiff seeks $1 million.
Law firm: Price Perkins
Filed: 8/26/2011  CL11-4052

Christal Brown v. Landmark Property Services Inc.; Bermuda Run II Limited Partnership; Colonial Ridge Apartments LP
Trip and fall. $1 million.
Law firm: Emroch Kilduff
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-4087

Sandra Lester v. HCA Health Services of Virginia Inc. dba Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
Slip and fall. $450,000.
Law firm: Whitehead Chiocca
Filed: 8/30/2011  CL11-4043

REM Optical Company Inc. dba REM Eyewear
Defendant owes plaintiff $25,000 for goods received.
Law firm: Rubenstein Cogan
Filed: 9/1/2011  CL11-4073

D&P Universal Mechanical LLC v. Delaware Mechanical LLC
Defendant owes plaintiff $39,000 for labor.
Law firm: Caudle & Caudle
Filed: 9/1/2011  CL11-4081

Wanda Royall v. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.
Plaintiff was negligently served cleaning solution instead of water and seeks $7,500,000.
Law firm: Sanzone  Baker
Filed: 9/6/2011  CL11-4113


Citizens and Farmers Bank v. Trimark Investments LLC; David Gagliardi
This is a breach of contract with defendant owing plaintiff $178,000.
Law firm: Spotts Fain
Filed: 8/31/2011  CL11-2315

Professional Choice Staffing Inc. v. The Bretheren Mutual Insurance Company
This is a breach of contract as the insurance policy covered employee dishonesty but when plaintiff made a claim, they did not pay. Plaintiff seeks $18,000.
Law firm: Saunders Patterson
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-2341

Brian Norge t/a Benmor Construction v. Dumont Classic Homes Co.; Michael Dumont; Vincent and Cindy Schoenfelder; Complete Interior Package Inc.; Osborne Irrigation; Village Bank Mortgage Corp.; 84 Lumber Company L.P.; Wishfield Concepts Inc. dba Cox Rails of Virginia; Ferguson Enterprises Inc.
Complaint to enforce a mechanics lien for $22,000.
Law firm: Bourdow Bowen
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-2351

 Noland Company v. Raymond Key Commercial Contracting LLC; Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland; Delaware Mechanical LLC
Action on a payment bond for materials. Plaintiff seeks $33,000.
Law firm: Derrick Rosser
Filed: 9/1/2011  CL11-2619

Northeast Architectural Products Inc. dba Daron Northeast and /or dba Liberty Stone v. Stonecraft Patio Hardscapes Inc.
This is a breach of contract with defendant owing $35,000 on a credit account for goods and services.
Law firm: Shetline Nguyen
Filed: 8/29/2011  CL11-2589

William Crockett D.D.S. v. College View Associates LLC; Stephen Brown D.D.S.
Defendant breached the option in the lease that gave the plaintiff first right to purchase the property. Plaintiff seeks $150,000.
Law firm: Bryan Streeter
Filed: 9/2/2011  CL11-2628 [/private]

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