The Docket: Court Roundup for 9.15.11


Pikeville Energy Group LLC; Gary Richard; Banner Industries on N.E. Inc. v. Ayers & Stolte P.C.
This is a case of legal malpractice alleging that the defendant gave the plaintiff incorrect information when it suggested the plaintiffs offer a court recorded royalty when the plaintiffs had no authority to offer it. Plaintiff seeks damages to be determined by the court.
Law firm: Christian Barton
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-4194

Carlton Lee v. CSX Transportation Inc.
This is a FELA violation where the plaintiff was injured on the job. Plaintiff seeks $2,500,000.
Law firm: Moody
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-4138
JDB Properties LLC ta Monument Construction LLC v. Watson Brothers LLC sometimes ta Perry Place Apartments; Xenith Bank; Michael Keck, Trustee; William Watson Marital Trust; Robert Freed, Trustee; David Rucker, Trustee; The Watson Corporation; Jean Ritchie Tatum, Trustee; Tribble Electric Inc.
Law firm: Meyer Goergen
Date filed: 9/9/2011

Madonna Creech v. WAWA #673 Ironbridge Chester LLC; WAWA Inc.
Plaintiff was injured by a malfunctioning door and seeks $1 million.
Law firm: Emmet Alexander
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-4190

Tribble Electric Inc. v. Watson Brothers LLC; JDB Properties LLC ta Monument Construction LLC; Paragon Commercial Bank; Michael Keck, Trustee; Thelma Watson, Trustee; Robert Watson, Trustee; William Watson, Trustee; Robert Freed, Trustee; David Rucker, Trustee; The Watson Corporation; Jean Ritchie Tatum, Trustee
This is a complaint to enforce a mechanics’ lien.
Law firm: Alexander Simon
Date filed: 9/8/2011 CL11-4132



Rane LLC v. Surbhi & Bros. Inc.; Brijeshwar N. Mathur; Chandana Mathur
This is a breach of lease where the defendant owes the plaintiff $81,000.
Law firm: Lafayette Ayers
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-2373

Daniel & Company Inc. v. Duke Contracting of Virginia Inc.
Defendant failed to perform the work in accordance with the contract. Plaintiff seeks $75,000.
Law firm: Spotts Fain
Date filed: 9/8/2011 CL11-2387

Old Dominion Floor Company Inc. v. Hallmark Home Builders Inc.
Defendant breached the contract and owes $24,000 on an open account.
Law firm: R. Glen Morgan
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-2391

James River Air Conditioning Co. ta James River Air Conditioning Inc.
GK Brooks Building & Design Co. ta Brooks Building Co.; Dreamland Properties LLC; Union First Market Bank fka First Market Bank FSB; Andrew Ferguson; Harry Turton; David Fairchild; CMC Interiors LLC; GL Pruett Inc.
This is a mechanics’ lien for $19,500.
Law firm: William Young
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-2385

J.H. Martin & Sons Contractors Inc. v. Meridian at Watermark LLC; Waverton Associates Inc.; Virginia Housing Development Authority; J. Hudson McKellar Jr, Trustee; Donald Ritenour, Trustee; Lee Hy Paving Corporation; DMA & Associates Inc.; Castle Equipment Corporation
Law firm: Smith Wells
Date filed: 9/9/2011 CL11-2371 [/private]

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