The Docket: Court Roundup for 10.13.11


Wells Fargo Bank N.A.; TRSTE Inc. v. Chiane N. Hicks aka Chiane N. Pleasants; Virginia Credit Union; David E. Nagle, trustee; Kaija Hill, trustee; unknown heirs or estate of Alice J. Fuller; unknown heirs or estate of Dorothy L. Singleton
Complaint to quiet title.
Law firm: Shapiro Burson
Date: 10/3/2011 CL11-4562

Virginia Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association v. Manju Ganeriwala, Treasurer of Virginia Department of Treasury; LMI Insurance Company
LMI deposited $700,000 with the Virginia Department of Treasury and, as LMI has been liquidated, needs the money to pay unpaid claims.
Law firm: Troutman Sanders
Date: 10/5/2011 CL11-4579 [private]

Jeffrey Stump v. Venture Investment Property Group Inc.; Cascades Holdings of Athens LLC; Thomas Eide: Hugo Camacho
The defendants owe the plaintiff $100,000 in a breach of contract and $350,000 in punitive damages.
Law firm: Hirschler Fleischer
Date: 10/5/2011 CL11-4592

Kevin Clasbey, trustee for CSI Profit Sharing Plan fbo Kevin Clasbey v. Venture Investment Properties Group Inc.; Cascades Holdings of Athens LLC; Thomas Eide; Hugo Camacho
The defendants owe the plaintiff $100,000 and $350,000 in punitive damages for a breach of contract.
Law firm: Hirschler Fleischer
Date: 10/5/2011 CL11-4593

Patrick Collins and Lynn Collins individually and as parents and next friends of William Collins, a minor v. Homesite Insurance Company
Petition for approval of compromise settlement of $300,000 for injuries suffered by falling when jumping on a trampoline.
Law firm: Harman Claytor
Date: 10/6/2011 CL11-4602

Laurie Keller v. The Gerson Company; The Gerson Companies; Gerson International; Michaels Stores Inc.
Plaintiff suffered from store’s negligence when a glass vase broke in her hand, injuring her, when she was putting it in the car. She seeks $400,000.
Law firm: Barnes Diehl
Date: 10/3/2011 CL11-4555


Robert C. Smith P.C. v. Finley White: Christopher White; Jamie White; White Family LLC; Southeast Properties 1 LLC; Southeast Real Estate Investment Corp.
Defendants owe the plaintiff $253,000 for a breach of contract. Defendants owe for maintenance fees, legal fees and other services.
Law firm: Robert Smith
Date: 10/6/2011 CL11-4638

8409 Staples Mill Road LLC v. Auto Center Holdings LLC; Oliver Lawrence
Defendants owe $919,000 on an outstanding loan following the foreclosure on the property located at 8409 Staples Mill Road.
Law firm: LeClair Ryan
Date: 10/3/2011 CL11-4552

Warren Whitney Sherwood & Company v. OHI Management LLC
Defendant owes plaintiff $35,000 for management services.
Law firm: Thompson McMullan
Date: 10/4/2011 CL11-4574

Melanie Zeller v. SunTrust Mortgage Inc.
Plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment that the defendant is not entitled to foreclose on the home nor assign the plaintiff any costs associated with the foreclosure.
Law firm: Henry McLaughlin
Date: 10/6/2011 CL11-4636

Essex Bank v. Ducts Unlimited Corporation
Confession of judgment for $448,000.
Law firm: Robert Bernaicha
Date: 10/4/2011 CL11-4576

Novawall Systems Inc. v. Cosmopolitan Decorating Company Inc.
Confession of judgment for $6,600.
Law firm: J. Buckley Warden
Date: 10/3/2011 CL11-4548

Chesterfield County

Harold Taylor v. Dodson Brothers Exterminating Company Inc.
Defendant found extensive fungus damage in his house despite having a contract with Dodson since 1971 that included fungus. Defendant seeks $82,000 in damages.
Law firm: Gordon Dodson
Date: 10/4/2011 CL11-2620

Fred Citelli v. CM of R Inc.; Wayne Scearce; Linda Scearce
Defendants owe plaintiff $40,000 on a note.
Law firm: John Clifford
Date: 10/4/2011 CL11-2617

Henrico County

Pamela Gonzales v. US Bank National Association, as trustee on behalf of the holders of the CSME mortgage-backed pass-through certificates series 2007-3
The plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment from the Court that US Bank is not entitled to conduct a foreclosure sale, and the plaintiff is not responsible for an costs incurred toward the foreclosure.
Law firm: Henry McLaughlin
Date: 10/3/2011 CL11-2861

SunTrust Bank v. Sal Cataldo’s Italian Ristorante Inc.; Alfredo Alvarado
Breach of contract where defendant owes $56,000 on an open account.
Law firm: Rubenstein Cogan
Date: 10/7/2011 CL11-2879 [/private]

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