The Docket: Court Roundup for 12.15.11


Watkins Nurseries Inc. v. SportsQuest Foundation Inc.
This is a confessed judgment of $16,734.67, plus interest, plus attorneys’ fees in amount of $5,522.44.
Law firm: Christopher Winslow
Filed: 12/02/2011. CL11003139

Calvin Carolina v. Miles Properties of Georgia Inc. (d/b/a Miles Properties Inc. in Virginia)
Plaintiff alleges that on Feb. 27, 2010, as an invitee to 6419 Cosmic Drive, he fell and suffered severe injuries because the defendant failed to properly maintain the roadway in front of the property. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $850,000, plus interest, costs and fees.
Law firm: ParisBlank
Filed: 12/09/2011. CL11003208  [private]



P. Craig Brown v. Bay Design Group P.C.
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $70,304.85, plus costs, interest and fees.
Law firm: Christopher G. Hill
Filed: 12/01/2011. CL11003399

American Builders & Contractors Supply Co. Inc. t/a ABC Supply, f/k/a Bradco Supply Corp. of New Jersey v. Fidelity and Deposit Co. of Maryland; and Haley Builders Inc.; and Design Systems & Services Corp.
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $9,824.49 for materials delivered for a project at Deep Run High School field house.
Law firm: Fracassi Mahdavi Sissman & Rand
Filed: 12/06/2011. CL11003444

Wickham Investments LLC v. Mid Atlantic Laboratory Services LLC
Plaintiff seeks judgment for failure to pay promissory notes in principal sum of $95,325, plus interest, fees and costs.
Law firm: McDonald, Sutton & DuVal
Filed: 12/07/2011. CL11003451

Lucien & Eivind Coiffure Inc. d/b/a Eivind & Hans of Georgetown; and Eivind A. Bjerke; and Hans J. Kalset v. The Hardwicke Group LLC f/k/a Social Media Solutions LLC; and Susan Hardwicke; and Jason Yu
Plaintiffs operate a longtime full-service salon in Washington, D.C., that also specializes in hair replacement services and wigs for cancer patients. Plaintiffs allege they became acquainted with defendant Hardwicke when she visited the salon, and offered to teach the company how to use social media to reach more cancer patients, “pro bono.” Plaintiffs state defendant subsequently offered to design and launch a website for them at cost. Plaintiffs allege that at a benefit for children with cancer on May 12, 2011, they were embarrassed by defendant Hardwicke’s behavior, and that more than 700 photos were taken by defendant Yu, then uploaded to the defendants’ website without culling or editing. Plaintiffs allege defendant Hardwicke promised to improve the company’s reputation and business by building a simple but attractive website, but that defendants intentionally commandeered the company’s website and domain, and used them to publish false, misleading and defamatory messages. Plaintiffs seek at least $100,000 in compensatory damages for tortious interference, breach of contract and civil conspiracy; compensatory damages of $300,000 for libel; punitive damages of $100,000; injunctive relief, and fees.
Law firm: Flywheel PLLC
Filed: 12/12/2011. CL11003495


Gwendolyn Jackson v. Wal-Mart Stores East LP
Plaintiff alleges that on or about April 5, 2010, she slipped and fell on a liquid substance in the Farmville store, and suffered injuries. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $70,000, plus interest and costs.
Law firm: Bucci & Dix
Filed: 12/07/2011. CL11005478

Rose Hall v. Dollar Tree Stores Inc.
On or about Sept. 24, 2010, in the store at 1236 Concord Ave., plaintiff alleges she slipped and fell on a wet floor and suffered injuries, and seeks judgment of $250,000 plus interest and costs.
Law firm: Reid Goodman
Filed: 12/09/2011. CL11005514

Latoya Peters v. Forest City Commercial Management Inc.; and Forest City Enterprises Inc.; and Macy’s Inc.; and Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc.; and May Department Stores Co.; and Short Pump Town Center LLC
Plaintiff alleges that on or about Dec. 21, 2009, plaintiff fell on ice and/or snow on the walkway located at or near the entrance to the Macy’s store, and suffered injuries. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $70,000, plus interest, costs and fees.
Law firm: Allen Allen Allen & Allen
Filed: 12/09/2011. CL11005517

Judith G. Meri, as the personal representative of Sandor Meri, deceased, and as the executor of the estate of Sandor Meri v. Epoxy Flooring Co. LLC; and Leo S. Johnston
Plaintiff states that on or about Oct. 11, 2008, defendant resurfaced the front driveway and walkways of the plaintiff’s home with an epoxy-based product. On or about Jan. 19, 2010, the suit alleges, as a result of the epoxy-coated surface and low temperature conditions, the decedent slipped and hit his head on the driveway, and on or about Feb. 7, 2010, died. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $10 million, plus interest and costs.
Law firm: Locke, Partin, DeBoer & Quinn
Filed: 12/09/2011. CL11005518

Nona Drumheller v. SRS Flooring; and Sergio Costa; and Sergio Costa de Oliveira
Plaintiff states that defendants were contractors who performed renovations at the Daniel Building, 3805 Cutshaw Ave., and that she worked in the building. Plaintiff alleges unsafe conditions in the lobby where the carpet met the tile, and suffered injuries in a fall. Plaintiff seeks $45,000 judgment, plus interest and costs.
Law firm: Bucci & Dix
Filed: 12/09/2011. CL11005524

Bedham Ball v. Labor Ready Northeast Inc.
Plaintiff states that Jarrett LP owned, operated and maintained the Chelsea Square Apartments in Henrico County where he was a tenant, and that Jarrett entered into a contract with Petke Construction Co. Inc., and that Petke subcontracted with defendant to provide manpower for snow removal services. On or about Feb. 4, 2010, plaintiff alleges he fell on the sidewalk and suffered severe and permanent injuries. Plaintiff seeks $20 million, interest and costs.
Law firm: Emroch & Kilduff
Filed: 12/12/2011. CL11005533

Bedham Ball v. Petke Construction Co. Inc.; and Labor Ready Mid-Atlantic Inc.
Plaintiff alleges he suffered severe and permanent injuries after falling on sidewalk at Chelsea Square Apartments after inadequate snow removal, and seeks $20 million, interest and costs. (See lawsuit above.)
Law firm: Emroch & Kilduff
Filed: 12/12/2011. CL11005534

Medford Johnson v. DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.; and Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.; and Commonwealth Surgical Services Inc.
Plaintiff alleges he suffered damages as a result of defendants’ wrongful conduct in connection with the development, design, testing, manufacture, distribution and sale of the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement System. As a result of its implantation on Dec. 22, 2009, at Culpeper Regional Medical Center, plaintiff alleges he suffered, and continues to suffer, serious bodily injury. Plaintiff contends he underwent a painful and complicated revision surgery on June 10, 2011, to remove the device, and seeks judgment of $10 million, plus punitive damages of $350,000.
Law firm: The Miller Firm; and MichieHamlett
Filed: 12/12/2011. CL11005544


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