The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 1.4.12

Bowling bumper system and method of use and installation
Patent 8,083,603
A bowling bumper system is provided. The bowling bumper system and more particularly an actuator or actuator assembly is decoupled from the bumpers, themselves, and configured to move the bumpers into an extended or retracted position.
Inventors: Samuel R. Namala (Mechanicsville); David A. McCall (Richmond); Charles Anton Lee (Williamsburg); Patrick J. Reitelbach (Bumpass, Va.)
Assignee: QUBICAAMF Worldwide LLC (Mechanicsville)
Dec. 27, 2011

Electrical outlet box assembly
Patent 8,084,687
An electrical box assembly is provided for enabling an electrical box to be rapidly installed into a metal framework that supports an interior wall of a building. The assembly includes a supporting member which is attached to the metal framework, and an electrical box of square design having paired outwardly directed flanges. The flanges are positioned to fit into receiving brackets on the supporting member, thereby enabling the electrical box to engage the supporting member by a simple downward sliding motion.
Inventors: James P. Thurman (Richmond)
Dec. 27, 2011

Lubricant formulations and methods
Patent 8,084,403
The embodiments described herein relate to particular formulations and methods that provide reduced engine deposits. The lubricant composition includes a base oil having a NOACK volatility of from about 5 to about 15 and a zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate composition. The zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate composition has at least about 65 mole percent of zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate compounds derived from all primary alcohols, wherein the zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate composition has greater than about 40 mole percent zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate compounds having alkoxy moieties derived from alcohols having four carbon atoms.
Inventors: William Y. Lam (Glen Allen); Gregory H. Guinther (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corporation (Richmond)
Dec. 27, 2011

Cigarette pack with sachet attached on the rear wall of the pack
Patent D651,073
Claims an ornamental design for a cigarette pack with sachet attached on the rear wall of the pack.
Inventors: Edmond J. Cadieux, Jr. (Midlothian); Barry S. Smith (Hopewell); Marc D. Belcastro (Glen Allen); Steven R. Rinehart (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Phillip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 27, 2011

Fabrication of advanced thermoelectric materials by hierarchical nanovoid generation
Patent 8,083,986
A novel method to prepare an advanced thermoelectric material has hierarchical structures embedded with nanometer-sized voids which are key to enhancement of the thermoelectric performance. Solution-based thin film deposition technique enables preparation of stable film of thermoelectric material and void generator (voigen). A subsequent thermal process creates hierarchical nanovoid structure inside the thermoelectric material. Potential application areas of this advanced thermoelectric material with nanovoid structure are commercial applications (electronics cooling), medical and scientific applications (biological analysis device, medical imaging systems), telecommunications, and defense and military applications (night vision equipments).
Inventors: Sang Hyouk Choi (Poquoson); Yeonjoon Park (Yorktown); Sang-Hyon Chu (Newport News); James R. Elliott (Vesuvius, Va.); Glen C. King (Yorktown); Jae-Woo Kim (Newport News); Peter T. Lillehei (Yorktown); Diane M. Stoakley (Ashland)
Assignee: National Institute of Aerospace Associates (Hampton); The United States of America as represented by the Administration of NASA (Washington, D.C.)
Dec. 27, 2011

Method, system, and apparatus for the growth of on-axis SiC and similar semiconductor materials
Patent 8,088,222
A novel approach for the growth of high-quality on-axis epitaxial silicon carbide (SiC) films and boules, using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique, is described here. The method includes a method of substrate preparation, which allows for the growth of “on-axis” SiC films, plus an approach giving the opportunity to grow silicon carbide on singular (a small-angle miscut) substrates, using halogenated carbon-containing precursors (carbon tetrachloride, CCl.sub.4, or halogenated hydrocarbons, CHCl.sub.3, CH.sub.2Cl.sub.2, or CH.sub.3Cl, or similar compounds or chemicals), or introducing other chlorine-containing species, in the gas phase, in the growth chamber. At gas mixtures greater than the critical amount, small clusters of SiC are etched, before they can become stable nuclei. The presence of chlorine and the formation of gas species allow an increased removal rate of these nuclei, in contrast to the growth without the presence of chlorine. Or, alternatively, the novel precursors introduced in the growth system reduce the effective supersaturation ratio of the Si species in the growth layer. The reduction of the supersaturation ratio reduces or eliminates the 2D (and 3C–SiC) nucleation which would occur due to the large terrace widths present on the on-axis wafers. This allows the growth of Silicon Carbide epitaxial layers on SiC substrates or composite substrates with monocrystalline layers. This can also be applied to the other semiconductors, chemicals, compounds, materials, growth methods, or devices.
Inventors: Yuri Makarov (Richmond); Michael Spencer (Ithaca, N.Y.)
Assignee: Widetronix Inc. (Ithaca, N.Y.)
Jan. 3, 2012

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