Revolving restaurants

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

Tower Fish House, which was formerly Byram’s Lobster House for 70 years, quietly closed in March after a one-month run. A paper sign in the window gave no explanation other than that the business was closed. The restaurant closed March 6, according to its website.

Bandazian and Holden is listing the 7,000-square-foot restaurant at 3215 W. Broad St. for sale for $115,000.

Tower Fish House opened at the beginning of February after Byram’s closed the previous month. Both restaurants were run by Jeff and Corina Kelso.

The Kelsos bought Byram’s from the previous owners and reopened the restaurant in August.

The seafood joint isn’t the only place in Richmond that’s been a death sentence for restaurants.

The space at the corner of West Main and Allen streets in the Fan has been home to Cirrus, Dogwood Grille & Spirits, Plaza Mexico, Mainstream, which closed last May after just six months, and now Peacock’s Pantry, which opened in December.
Also in the Fan, the space at Floyd and Robinson has been a revolving door. Since 2010, the spot at 2526 Floyd Ave. has been the FanHouse (which was temporarily closed last year) and in the past been home to Konsta’s, Carlton’s and Verbena.

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Brian Keller

I didn’t try the other spots at West Main and Allen but I can tell you Peacock’s Pantry is something special and will break the trend. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth a look.
The food is amazing and the service is top notch!


I drove by Peacock’s Pantry last night at 9pm and there wasn’t a single light on. That’s not a good sign for a place in the Fan.

Mighty Casey
Crummy-looking strip of Broad St., not enough parking on the street or lot to add up to enough butts in seats, too many other options close by with a more inviting look and experience. Why is anyone surprised that Tower went the way of Byram’s? Lousy location, combined with the fact that RVA-ers are starting to realize that making an evening of it by leaving the car in one place and walking to the evening’s activities is not only possible, it’s preferable. And much more fun. Note to wanna-be restauranteurs and nightlife-biz-developers: foot traffic is key. If you’re not near… Read more »

Peacock’s Pantry is only open for dinner three nights a week. The other nights, it won’t have any lights on.


Hey Daniel, I know what nights they are open, that’s why I said that. I drove by on a Thursday night on my way to see Chez Roue. That’s how I know it was Thursday, because that’s the night they play at Bogart’s. So basically what I am saying is that you do YOUR homework before you write something you think is prolific, and if you decide to go to the Peacock, get there early.