The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 8.29.12

Cushioning device
Patent 8,245,339
A cushioning device with double layer cover with the layers connected to define first and second pockets. The first and second pocket having access openings for insertion and removal of shell sections to be placed in a stacked state. A closure device as in a zipper for adjustable placement of the cover in a cover interior cavity closure state and a cover interior cavity access state. A first core insert received within the cover interior cavity. The arrangement of the present invention makes it well suited for use as an adjustable head pillow kit featuring a variety of different comfort level core inserts that can be switched out to achieve a personal overall comfort level. A method of assembling the cushion and adjusting the comfort level with different inserts is also presented.
Inventors: Ted F. Murray (Granger, Ind.); Jeffrey D. Martin (Boynton Beach, Fla.); Daniel B. Schecter (Richmond)
Assignee: Carpenter Co. (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2012[private]

Continuous high pressure delivery system
Patent 8,251,055
A drug delivery system, which includes an aerosol generator unit, a pumping unit, a flow tube, at least one condensate collector and an aerosol transition adapter. The aerosol generator forms an aerosol from a liquid formulation, which is partially volatilized. The pumping unit supplies the liquid formulation to the aerosol generator unit and a flow tube having an inlet end in fluid communication with an outlet of the aerosol generator unit and an outlet adapted for connection to a patient interface, which supplies ventilation gas to a patient’s lungs. The system also includes at least one condensate collector adapted to collect condensed liquid or liquid produced by the aerosol generator unit, and a transition adapter arranged to mix aerosol produced by the aerosol generator unit with heated air or ventilation gas and direct the mixed aerosol into the inlet end of the flow passage.
Inventors: Sudarsan Srinivasan (Glen Allen); David Ammann (Alpharetta, Ga.); Donald Brookman (Richmond); Niranjan Maharajh (Richmond); Gary Grollimund (Chesterfield); F. Murphy Sprinkel Jr. (Glen Allen); Douglas D. McRae (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Aug. 28, 2012

Method for providing background graphics on blister card
Patent 8,251,214
Aug. 28, 2012
A blister card includes graphics printed on a substrate surface, which is then cut to produce an opening through which a blister may be received. The cut-out portion of the substrate is transferred in proper register to a position behind the blister so as to provide a continuous graphic image on the package. A method is also described for providing background graphics on a blister card in the region behind the blister.
Inventors: Michael P. Wade (Chesterfield)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corporation (Richmond)

Utility viewer
Patent 8,250,936
A device is used to view utilities that have been potholed and covered up due to rain or crew shutdowns. The device includes a cylindrical body which is driven into the ground and has a light so the pipe can be viewed from above ground.
Inventors: Tyrone D. Sawyer (Sandston)
Aug. 28, 2012

Methods of evaluating an immune response to an antigen
Patent 8,247,226
The present invention incorporates germinal centers (GCs) into three-dimensional (3D) engineered tissue constructs (ETCs). In an embodiment, we have incorporated the GC in the design of an artificial immune system (AIS) to examine immune responses to vaccines and other compounds. Development of an in vitro GC adds functionality to an AIS, in that it enables generation of an in vitro human humoral response by human B lymphocytes that is accurate and reproducible, without using human subjects. The invention also permits evaluation of, for example, vaccines, allergens, and immunogens, and activation of human B cells specific for a given antigen, which can then be used to generate human antibodies. In an embodiment of the present invention the function of the in vitro GC is enhanced by placing FDCs and other immune cells in a 3D ETC; FDCs appear more effective over a longer time (antibody production is sustained for up to about 14 days.
Inventors: Selva Sukumar (Berkeley, Calif.); Mohey Eldin M. El Shikh (Richmond); John G. Tew (Mechanicsville); Guzman Sanchez-Schmitz (Orlando, Fla.); Donald Drake, III (Orlando); Luis Mosquera (Oviedo, Fla.); Conan Li (Los Altos, Calif.); Anatoly M. Kachurin (Orlando); Russell Higbee (Orlando); Heather Fahlenkamp (Cleveland, Okla.); Eric Mishkin (Winter Springs, Fla.); William L. Warren (Orlando)
Assignee: Sanofi Pasteur Vaxdesign Corp. (Orlando)
Aug. 21, 2012

Differential action railroad car axle assembly
Patent 8,246,096
A differential action railroad car wheelset axle has two individual stub axles, each having one or more annular rings or grooves on the interior ends, with the interior ends of the individual stub axles being rotatably mounted within a multi-piece sleeve assembly. The axle assembly has provision for safety pins to prevent independent rotation during installation in the railcar truck frame and also a device to permit relocking or unlocking the independent axle rotation after the original safety pins have been removed. Dry lubricant coatings eliminate the need for periodic liquid lubrication or maintenance. The differential action of the wheelset reduces the horsepower requirement by approximately 30 percent while also reducing the maintenance requirements for both wheels and track in locations where horizontal curves are predominant.
Inventors: Thomas W. Blasingame (Boise, Idaho); Robert E. Hord (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2012[/private]

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