The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 1.2.13

Performing abstraction and/or integration of information
Patent 8,346,785
Abstraction and/or integration can be performed on information, e.g. transaction data items in standard and/or proprietary formats, using data processing systems. For example, standard-based abstraction operations can analyze transaction data items in standard format to obtain transaction segment data items, each about a transaction segment; transaction segment data items can be used to obtain and store segment group data structures, each about a type of transaction segment data items and which can also include standard-based abstraction artifacts. Abstraction operations on standard or proprietary format can automatically extract pre-integration information, such as usage attributes, useful in integration and for other purposes. Integration can be performed on transaction type attribute data, producing merged attribute data including mapping attributes, such as based on match results from associated fields of selected transaction types in different formats. Attribute data items being integrated can include pre-integration information and segment group data structures with standard-based abstraction artifacts.
Inventors: Kenneth R. Benton Jr. (Richmond)
Assignee: TransThought, LLC (Richmond)
Jan. 1, 2013

Systems and methods for processing transaction data to perform a merchant chargeback
Patent 8,346,638
Systems and methods consistent with the present invention may be used as part of determining whether to chargeback a purchase transaction amount to a merchant. To this end, the system may heuristically analyze purchase transaction data to determine which transactions to analyze for chargeback processing. For instance, the system may identify purchase transactions that are likely to qualify for a chargeback. For the identified purchase transactions, the system may then determine an expected value for each transaction in terms of received revenue from chargeback processing and the costs for performing a chargeback. Using the expected values for this transaction data, the system may then prioritize which purchase transactions to review for chargeback to a respective merchant.
Inventors: Stephen F. Phillips (Richmond); Craig M. Chumney (Mechanicsville)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corporation (McLean, Va.)
Jan. 1, 2013

Transfer layer for absorbent article
Patent 8,344,203
Three-dimensional formed films particularly useful as transfer layers in absorbent articles comprise a base plane having land areas defining a plurality of protuberances having sidewalls and a bottom wall, a plurality of the protuberances having an aperture in substantially at least one sidewall. In preferred embodiment, the film further comprises a plurality of capillaries, which can originate in the base plane or in a secondary plane spaced from the base plane. In preferred embodiments, the capillaries terminate in a common plane with the bottom surfaces of the protrusions.
Inventors: Rickey J. Seyler (Chesterfield); Gregory M. Rieker (Columbus, Ind.); Andrew J. Peacock (Richmond)
Assignee: Tredegar Film Products Corporation (Richmond, VA)
Jan. 1, 2013

Method for diagnosing acute cardiac ischemia
Patent 8,343,731
Chemiluminescent detection of metabolic by-products of inosine and hypoxanthine is used to diagnose ischemic events such as early acute cardiac ischemia.
Inventors: Don Farthing (Chester); Lei Xi (Glen Allen); H. Thomas Karnes (Richmond); Domenic Sica (Richmond); Todd Gehr (Manakin-Sabot); Lynne Gehr (Manakin-Sabot); Martin Unverdorben (Pottstown, Pa.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)
Jan. 1, 2013

Perfluorocarbon gel formulations
Patent 8,343,515
A perfluorocarbon gel composition is disclosed with numerous uses including topical medical and cosmetic uses.
Inventors: Gary Huvard (Chesterfield); Richard Kiral (Costa Mesa, Calif.); Maxine Quitaro (Chesterfield); Deborah P. Thompson (Durham, N.C.); Aharon Grossman (Durham); Gary Clauson (Costa Mesa); Gurbhagat Sandhu (Manakin-Sabot)
Assignee: Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. (Costa Mesa)
Jan. 1, 2013

Bag house filters and media
Patent 8,343,250
A bag filter having a support structure clothed in a filter bag. The cloth of the filter bag is a composite of at least one substrate layer and at least one nanoweb bonded thereto in a face-to-face relationship. The nanoweb is positioned at the surface of the filter bag first exposed to the hot particle laden gas stream and can have a basis weight of greater than about 2 gsm.
Inventors: Antoine Schelling (Geneva, Switzerland); Kurt Hans Wyss (Chavannes De Bogis, Switzerland); Glen E. Simmonds (Avondale, Pa.); Anil Kohli (Midlothian)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Jan. 1, 2013

Method and apparatus for making slit-banded wrapper using moving orifices
Patent 8,337,664
A method and apparatus of manufacturing a web which is striped with add-on material, comprising: a first slurry supply which forms a sheet of base web and moves the sheet along a first path; a second slurry supply; and a moving orifice applicator operative so as to repetitively discharge the second slurry upon the moving sheet of base web. The moving orifice applicator includes a chamber box arranged to establish a reservoir of the second slurry across the first path, an endless belt having orifice groups, the endless belt received through the chamber box, and a drive arrangement operative upon the endless belt to continuously move the orifices along an endless-path and repetitively through the chamber box. The orifices communicate with the reservoir to discharge the second slurry as bands of add-on material to the base web. Orifices within the orifice groups can be spaced relative to one another to define bands of add-on material having a relative minimum in thickness or to define spaced apart bands. Orifices may also cooperate with a stationary or moving template to define segmented bands having gaps with complex edges. The web resulting from the method or the apparatus may be used for a smoking article. A smoking article may be constructed from wrapper made with the apparatus or the method.
Inventors: John F. Cunningham (Richmond); Marc W. Rose (Mechanicsville); Thomas A. Fletcher (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 25, 2012

Smokeless compressed tobacco product for oral consumption
Patent 8,336,557
A consumable compressed tobacco product adapted to dissolve in an oral cavity. The compressed tobacco product is formed from a composition that includes at least one tobacco component, at least one flavorant, at least one filler-binder, at least one lubricant, at least one desiccant and at least one glidant. The compressed tobacco products are adapted to dissolve and provide tobacco satisfaction. A method of making a dissolvable compressed tobacco product is also provided.
Inventors: Ashok Kumar (Richmond); Carolina Marun (Midlothian); Gregory J. Griscik (Midlothian); David R. Golob (Richmond); Jon Regrut (Richmond); Suresh Shenoy (Richmond); William R. Sweeney (Richmond); Manuel Marquez-Sanchez (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond, VA)
Dec. 25, 2012

Method and apparatus for producing composite cigarette filters
Patent 8,337,374
Method and apparatus for producing discrete filter rods includes a first conveyor for transporting filter segments of given length in a downstream direction. Three counter rotating transfer wheels receive the filter segments between spaced apart cleats on the circumference of the wheels. The first wheel receives the filter segments from the first conveyor and transfers the segments to the second wheel which in turn transfers the segments to the third wheel. Filter segments between the cleats on the third wheel are deposited upon a second conveyor with plug wrap thereon in precisely spaced apart relationship. Granular adsorbent material is filled into cavities between the filter segments, and a garniture folds the plug wrap around the filter segments and the filled cavities therebetween.
Inventors: Martin T. Garthaffner (Chesterfield); Ahmet Ercelebi (Mechanicsville); James D. Evans (Chesterfield); Jeremy Straight (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 25, 2012

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