With $10 million, Kroger says ‘supersize it’

Kroger at Rutland Commons

Kroger anchors the 110,000-square-foot Rutland Commons shopping center. (RBS photo)

Kroger’s Richmond spending spree continues.

The grocery store is planning a $10 million expansion to convert its Rutland Commons store to a Kroger Marketplace concept store.

Once redone, the location will be similar to the massive store it opened at the old Cloverleaf Mall at Midlothian Turnpike and Chippenham Parkway in December.

“Right now the [Rutland] store is 74,000 square feet,” said Fenton Childers, head of Kroger real estate for Central Virginia. “We’re planning on expanding to 115,000 square feet.”

The store, at Route 301 and Atlee Road in Mechanicsville, is in the Rutland Commons shopping center. Kroger owns its land there.

Childers said Kroger is working with Hanover County on the details of the development and permits, and plans to get started in the summer, all things going well. Kroger has not selected a general contractor, he said.

The store is expected to open in 2014, Childers said.

This will be the grocery chain’s third Marketplace store in Richmond. Kroger announced in December that it would build a second, $20 million store at Staples Mill Marketplace, a development run by Marchetti Properties at the intersection of Staples Mill and Hungary Springs roads. The Marketplace stores feature non-grocery such as chairs, bedding, kitchen supplies and furniture, in addition to groceries.

The company has invested more than $150 million in the Richmond region since Ukrop’s became Martin’s in 2009. Since then it has gained traction and market share. Kroger’s 17 local stores own a 12 percent slice of the Richmond grocery market, according to the most recent figures from grocery trade publication Food World.

Kroger anchors the 110,000-square-foot Rutland center, which in December was purchased by the Rebkee Company for $7.1 million.

Dan Hargett, a principal at Rebkee, said the planned Kroger expansion was one of the things that attracted Rebkee to the property.

“We knew about the plans when we bought the property,” he said. “We think it will attract more customers and, in turn, that will bring more foot traffic in for our smaller retail stores.”

Nicky Jassy and Pam Strieffler, brokers with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer, represent the Rutland Commons space.

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Ruben Foster

I love the new Kroger on Midlothian. Go every Sunday. The hand cut rib eyes are delicious!

Michael D.

I love me some Kroger but this Marketplace is so funny, I mean this little section at the end of the store has a few extra tables and chairs with some linens. It is like some took one truck bound for Garden Ridge and open a kiosk in a Kroger. Don’t see the jewerly, clothes, or toy sections like the concepts said the store would have.


I saw baby clothes (no adult clothes) and a toy section. No jewelry though.


Quick question! Do you now who the GC for the Kroger project off of Staples Mill Road is?