It’s Supper time for fans of Lunch

Lunch and Supper will both serve lunch; Lunch will serve breakfast; Supper will serve supper. (Photos by Lena Price)

Supper is set to serve lunch and dinner starting in the fall. (Photos by Lena Price)

A new dinner option is coming to Scott’s Addition.

Lunch owner Rick Lyons will open Supper at 1215 Summit Ave. this year. The 2,000-square-foot space is next door to Lunch, which opened last year.

The new location will allow the restaurant to serve more customers for longer hours, Lyons said in a news release.

The space is being renovated and should open by the fall.

Once the Supper opens, both restaurants will serve lunch. Lunch will also serve breakfast, and Supper will be open for dinner.

The menu at the new restaurant will feature an expanded version of the offerings at Lunch, including soups, sandwiches and wraps.

Supper is coming to 1215 Summit Ave.

Supper is coming to 1215 Summit Ave.

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david gammino
david gammino
8 years ago

Very cool news, Lunch is fantastic, and its only downside was lack of capacity for the crowds. Glad Rick is expanding. Congrats

Mary Lee Schultz
Mary Lee Schultz
8 years ago

Very excited about the expansion. They so needed more space.