Embattled Chester restaurant reopens

The Hooters at 2401 West Hundred Road. (Photo by David Larter)

The Hooters at 2401 West Hundred Road. (Photo by David Larter)

Chester residents can once again get all the Hooters they can handle.

The Hooters restaurant at 2401 West Hundred Road reopened Monday after shutting down in the wake of local restaurant company Cornett Hospitality’s bankruptcy.

The Chester Hooters closed in March after Hooters corporate revoked Cornett’s right to use the company’s trademark.

Hooters of America now runs the restaurant.

Cornett at one time ran more than a dozen eateries in three states, including Hooters, Max & Erma’s and Topeka’s Steakhouse restaurants across Richmond.

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November to rework its debt and get current with its main lender, Arizona-based REIT Spirit Realty Capital. Spirit was also the landlord at five of Cornett’s restaurants.

At the time of its bankruptcy filing, Cornett owned nine Hooters restaurants and three Topeka’s locations in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and it was saddled with almost $15 million in debt.

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Big RC

That was the most disgusting and neglected Hooters that I had ever been to. I am sure corporate has cleaned it up.


Must be a slow day for news when Hooters makes the cut. Maybe a slow year, because it seems like Hooters makes the cut every other week. You could at least include some photos of their assets… you know, the wings. Keep up the good work with your breaking Hooters news!


Well, the building might have been a little run down but the Hooters girls were top notch … especially Tabitha!