Sometimes you have to pedal for your pint

A Pedal Hopper excursion in Denver, CO. (Photo courtesy of Pedal Hopper)

A Pedal Hopper excursion in Denver. (Photo by Aaron Kremer)

It’s just a matter of time until a local entrepreneur launches a pedal-powered bar in Richmond. After all, BizSense wrote about two new bike-related business this month: a bike rickshaw company and popsicle startup.

BizSense spotted the pedal-powered pubs in Denver and Nashville. In both locations, the companies that operate the mobile bar provide a driver, and the patrons pedal from pub to pub with music blasting.

The model pictured above costs $40,000 to purchase.

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Betsy McElfresh

They have one in Charlotte, too.

Sean Y

While I think this is an awesome idea, would Richmond have to change its law regarding taking drinks outside? Or does the vehicle provide the shelter needed?


I have no doubt that someone from the City (ABC, Licensing, etc) would find a way to screw it up. “No fire escape.”


“No fire escape”. LOL good one. Too bad you are probably correct.