Black-car startup adds black-belt service

Jeff Anderson, left, Chris Switzer and Joey Anderson. (Photo by Mark Robinson)

Jeff Anderson, left, Chris Switzer and Joey Anderson. (Photo courtesy of Ninja Detailing)

A spinoff of a local startup has unleashed a band of ninjas in Richmond, and they’re coming for your car.

Brothers Jeff and Joey Anderson, who in 2010 founded the luxury car service BioRide, last month started Ninja Detailing, a mobile detailing business with a martial arts theme.

“The whole brand of a ninja is fast. It’s quick. It’s discrete,” said Jeff Anderson, 25. “That’s what we want out of our mobile detailing business.”

Ninja Detailing has worked with 30 clients, Anderson said, and is targeting businesses and individuals. They’ll work on both vehicles and boats, and they’ve detailed for the Richmond Yacht Club.

Ninja-Detailing-logoClients may choose to have their vehicles detailed at their home or office, and Anderson said he wants the company’s services to leave an impression.

“In my auto detailing experience, you don’t really find a real quality service that you would write home about,” he said. “You go there. You pay for the service. You get and it and that’s it. We want to add as much value to the service as possible.”

The idea grew out of a BioRide intern partnership with United Methodist Family Services and dovetailed with a company goal to help young adults in the foster care system gain skills and managerial experience, Anderson said. Ninja has three paid interns, ages 17 to 20.

Chris Switzer, 24, handles the business’s day-to-day operations. He teaches the interns the detailing trade through a training curriculum based on belt-color benchmarks: Trainees start as white belts. As they learn the ropes, they get promoted to yellow belt, then green and finally the coveted black belt.

To attain a black belt, an intern must propose and implement a community service project. The curriculum helps interns learn how to present to clients, analyze budgets and solve problems, Anderson said.

Clients can schedule appointments on the business’s website. A full-service interior and exterior wash and detail costs $75. Interior or exterior only costs $50. Detailing includes waxing, Anderson said.

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I love the tie in with UMFS and the practical business teachings the guys are imparting to the students/employees as they work through their belt ranks. What a great way to serve the community as you deliver great products and services. Bravo!