10-year-old RVA ad shop has new name, new digs and new focus

Epiphany Studio, formerly Flashpoint Brands, has relocated its offices to the Corrugated Box Building and is now bringing its marketing expertise to building product manufacturers

RICHMOND, Va., July 10, 2013 – Flashpoint Brands is now Epiphany Studio. Epiphany, which currently handles advertising for customers in the packaged foods and health-care industries, is now bringing its marketing expertise to building product manufacturers.

No other local marketing firm has made this kind of commitment to work with the product manufacturers for commercial interiors. Epiphany’s new focus was developed in response to client comments and suggestions based on the agency’s existing passion and thought leadership in this area of expertise.

To better serve its new core market, Epiphany has relocated its offices from the Commons at Plant Zero to the Corrugated Box Building. When choosing this new site, Epiphany thought about the kind of space they wanted and needed. And, how their new workspace would fit in to existing and new customer marketing strategies.

Epiphany shares its new home in the Corrugated Box Building with other award- winning design services. Several of Epiphany’s new neighbors (some also collaborators) include 3north, Tumblr, Mobelux, CO+LAB and Scalability Project.

For Epiphany, the open-floor plan is the ideal setting of shared resources and shared ideas. Epiphany sees its new office in Corrugated Box as a natural market research information source. One that can be mined, refined, sorted and shared with its clients.

Epiphany Studio, based in Richmond, was founded in 2000 under the name Flashpoint Brands. This full-service communications consultancy handles marketing communications for major clients such as ABC Bakers (a subsidiary of locally based Interbake Foods), Inaray, Virginia Cancer Institute and WorthWorks (a subsidiary of locally based Worth Higgins & Associates).

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