Fan barbershop offers a chair for everyone

Master barber Jerry Perdue (Photos by Mark Robinson)

Master barber Jerry Perdue gives a trim at Main Street Barber & Mercantile. (Photos by Mark Robinson)

A new Fan barbershop wants to provide an experience that’s a cut above the neighborhood competition.

Main Street Barber & Mercantile leased the space at 2215 W. Main St. in April and opened for business in May. Owners Sheila Connelly, 52, and Kevin Daley, 51, wanted to provide a “classic barbershop experience” in a neighborhood dominated by salons.

“There’s a whole generation of people who have grown up without the barbering experience,” Daley said. “We’re from the generation where we went to barbershops with our dads. Nowadays, kids go to these follicle mills and salons and don’t get the same experience.”

The shop is the first for Connelly and Daley, who are married. Connelly handles the cuts for women and the day-to-day business operations. The pair hired master barber Jerry Perdue, who worked downtown at Belcher’s Barber Shop for 22 years. Perdue handles cuts and shaves for men.

The shop is at 2215 W. Main St.

The shop is at 2215 W. Main St.

The business wants to target VCU students and Fan residents, Connelly said. Most of their business has come from walk-ins, but they do schedule appointments. They also have a selection of hair care and personal hygiene products for sale.

Connelly said she’s not sure how many cuts the business has handled so far, but business has increased each week. Fridays and Saturdays are their busiest days, she said.

Women’s haircuts cost between $25 and $30. The shop does not do any chemical work, she said.

Men’s haircuts cost $16. Back-of-the-neck shaves cost an additional $4. Full shaves cost $32 and are available upon request, Perdue said.

The shop has three chairs, but only two barbers. Connelly said the business is looking to hire another, preferably one who has experience cutting black and Hispanic hair.

“Because of the way barbershops have been culturally over the years, it’s not typical to have overlap,” she said. “But we would like to do anyone’s hair that walks into the door.”

The building is owned by Mark Brandon, whose other properties include Lamplighter’s Fan spot and the building that houses the Naked Onion, city records show.

Daley, who works as a retail shop designer, handled the renovation. The building used to house Nesbit Salon and Before & After Hair Studio.

Daley removed extra chairs and shampoo sinks, installed new lighting and ripped out the flooring. He would not share how much the business spent on the changes.

The shop doesn’t have a barber pole, but Connelly said it’s on the wish list.

Sheila Connelly, left, Kevin Daley and Perdue.

Owners Sheila Connelly, left, and Kevin Daley with Perdue.

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Congratulations and the very best of luck!


Is that Dr. Nan Jack in the chair? LOVE HER!! Best vet in Richmond!!!


I got a great haircut from Jerry a couple weeks ago. That guy’s experience really shows. Sheila & Jerry couldn’t be nicer. The whole experience was top notch. You can bet I’ll be back.


Jerry was a class act downtown.