The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 4.16.14

Security packaging
Patent 8,698,627
A package comprises a security device where a security loop is formed integrally with the package for detecting a breach of the package. Additionally, the security loop may be formed with a portion to be interrupted if the contents are removed from the package.
Inventors: Michael G. Londo (Midlothian); Stephen L. Billups (Raleigh, N.C.); Caleb S. Loftin (Richmond); Rune K. Haraldsson (Ashland); William J. Knouse (Raleigh)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
April 15, 2014

Patent 8,697,587
A nonwoven web of fibers that have a number average diameter of less than 1 micron. The web can have a Poisson Ratio of less than about 0.8, a solidity of at least about 20%, a basis weight of at least about 1 gsm, and a thickness of at least 1 micrometer.
Inventors: Pankaj Arora (Chesterfield); Guanghui Chen (Glen Allen); Simon Frisk (Newark, Del.); David Keith Graham, Jr. (Richmond); Robert Anthony Marin (Midlothian); Hageun Suh (Chadds Ford, Pa.)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 15, 2014

Split-tip catheter including lateral distal openings
Patent 8,696,614
A split-tip catheter for placement within the vasculature of a patient and for use in hemodialysis or other suitable procedures is disclosed. In one embodiment, the split-tip catheter includes a catheter body that defines a first lumen and a second lumen. The catheter body further comprises a split distal region, including a venous segment that defines a distal portion of the first lumen and an arterial segment that defines a distal portion of the second lumen. The venous segment includes a recess extending proximally of a nose portion; and a lateral opening in fluid communication with the first lumen. The arterial segment is separate from the venous segment and is removably seatable in the recess provided by the venous segment such that it “nests” therein. The arterial segment also includes a lateral opening in fluid communication with the second lumen.
Inventors: Colin S. Gregersen (Salt Lake City); Ryan T. Moehle (Salt Lake City); Ryan C. Patterson (Farmington, Utah); William D. Woodley (Richmond), Walton; Mark E. (Bountiful, Utah)
Assignee: C. R. Bard, Inc. (Murray Hill, N.J.)
April 15, 2014

Flexible body armor with semi-rigid and flexible component
Patent 8,695,112
Multilayer ballistic resistant articles formed from a combination of flexible and semi-rigid panel components. The flexible and semi-rigid panels may include woven fibrous layers, non-woven fibrous layers or both. The articles provide suitable protection against high energy ballistic threats, while remaining suitable for flexible vest applications.
Inventors: Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond); David A. Hurst (Richmond); Brian D. Arvidson (Chester); Lori L. Wagner (Richmond)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Moristown, N.J.)
April 15, 2014

High strength tape articles from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
Patent 8,697,220
Tape articles having improved properties are made from ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) multi-filament yarns. The tape articles can have a ratio of the low temperature area under the curve ( C. to Tm-onset) to the total area under the curve ( C. to C.) of less than about 0.15 as calculated from an increasing temperature DSC scan from a temperature of C. to a temperature of C. at a constant rate of C. per minute. Additionally, in some examples the tape articles can also have a tenacity at least about 24 g/d (2.06 GPa) when measured by ASTM D882-09 at a 10 inch (25.4 cm) gauge length and at an extension rate of 100%/min. Further, the tape articles can have no long period of less than 450 Angstroms (.ANG.) when measured by small angle x-ray analysis.
Inventors: Thomas Tam (Chesterfield); Mark Benjamin Boone (Mechanicsville); Steven Thomas Correale (Chester)
Assignee: Honeywell International, Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
April 15, 2014

Low weight and high durability soft body armor composite using silicone-based topical treatments
Patent 8,697,192
Ballistic resistant articles having abrasion resistance. Particularly, abrasion resistant, ballistic resistant articles and composites having a silicone-based topical treatment.
Inventors: Henry G. Ardiff (Chesterfield); Brian D. Arvidson (Chester)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
April 15, 2014

Roller bearing backing ring assembly
Patent 8,696,212
A novel assembly for a railcar axle bearing is presented. The assembly includes a backing ring affixed to the fillet of the journal of an axle and a locking ring for further affixing the backing ring the journal. The locking ring has an inboard end affixed to the dust guard of the axle and an outboard end for engaging the backing ring. The looking ring may include a resilient sealing ring.
Inventors: Paul Hubbard (South Chesterfield); Michael A. Mason (Richmond)
Assignee: Amsted Rail Company, Inc. (Chicago)
April 15, 2014

Methods for testing an immune response using cultures of T cells, B cells and dendritic cells
Patent 8,697,371
The present invention relates to methods for preparing an artificial immune system. The artificial immune system comprises a cell culture comprising T cells, B cells and antigen-primed dendritic cells. The artificial immune system of the present invention can be used for in vitro testing of vaccines, adjuvants, immunotherapy candidates, cosmetics, drugs, biologics and other chemicals.
Inventors: William L. Warren (Orlando); Donald Drake, III (Orlando); Janice Moser (Orlando); Inderpal Singh (Orlando); Haifeng Song (Oviedo, Fla.); Eric Mishkin (Winter Springs, Fla.); John G. Tew (Mechanicsville)
Assignee: Sanofi Pasteur VaxDesign Corp. (Orlando, Fla.); Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
April 15, 2014

Succinimide lubricity additive for diesel fuel and a method for reducing wear scarring in an engine
Patent 8,690,968
The present disclosure is directed to a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinimide lubricity additive or a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinamide lubricity additive for low sulfur diesel fuel. The additive is derived from an olefin having little to no terminal double bonds and a very high proportion of internal double bonds. The succinimide or succinamide is made by combining the alkylated succinic anhydride with ammonia. Also provided is a method for reducing wear scarring in a compression ignition engine comprising providing to the engine a middle distillate fuel comprising an effective amount of the hydrocarbyl-substituted succinimide and/or hydrocarbyl-substituted succinamide. A method for reducing an average coefficient of friction of a middle distillate fuel in a compression ignition engine comprising providing to the engine the disclosed fuel is also disclosed. Moreover, there is disclosed a method for improving the average film thickness from the combustion of a middle distillate fuel in a compression ignition engine.
Inventors: Scott D. Schwab (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
April 8, 2014

Devices, systems, and methods for medicament delivery
Patent 8,690,827
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise can comprise an auto-injector, which can comprise: a vial configured to store and/or contain an injectable medicament, the vial defining a vial longitudinal axis, and a housing comprising the vial. In various embodiments, the injectable medicament can be a medicine, medication, drug, pharmaceutical, prescriptive, agent, antidote, anti-venom, hormone, stimulant, vasodilator, anesthetic, and/or nutritional supplement that is substantially ready for injection.
Inventors: Evan T. Edwards (Richmond); Eric S. Edwards (Richmond); Mark J. Licata (Doswell)
Assignee: kaleo, Inc. (Richmond)
April 8, 2014

Preparation of polyamide block copolymers
Patent 8,691,894
This invention relates to the preparation of polyamide block copolymers by sequential monomer addition. More particularly, it relates to catalysts capable of copolymerizing not only cyclic amides, but other monomers such as cyclic esters and epoxides as well, using sequential addition so as to produce useful and novel block copolymers.
Inventors: David T. Williamson (Chesterfield); Wilson Tam (Boothwyn, Pa.)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 8, 2014

Methods and compositions for improving gastrointetinal health
Patent 8,691,792
Methods for maintaining or improving the gastrointestinal health of animals susceptible to or suffering from poor gastrointestinal health by administering to the animal a gastrointestinal health maintaining or improving amount of a food composition comprising from about 1 to about 20% carbohydrate; from about 3 to about 10% total dietary fiber, wherein the total dietary fiber contains from about 10 to about 40% soluble fiber and from about 90 to about 60% insoluble fiber; and from about 0.1 to about 10% omega-3 fatty acids; wherein the composition has a digestibility coefficient of at least 80. Generally, the compositions are administered to the animal to prevent or treat diarrhea or to improve stool quality. Further, the compositions may be administered in conjunction with one or more probiotics, prebiotics, anti-gastritis drugs, anti-enteritis drugs, or anti-diarrhea drugs, microbial exopolysaccharides, or combinations thereof to maintain or improve gastrointestinal health.
Inventors: Hui Xu (Chesterfield); Dorothy Pauline LaFlamme (Floyd, Va.); Carolyn Jean Cupp (Liberty, Mo.)
Assignee: Nestec SA (Vevey, Germany)
April 8, 2014

Fuel additive for improved performance in fuel injected engines
Patent 8,690,970
A fuel composition for a fuel injected internal combustion engine, a method for improving performance of fuel injectors and a method for cleaning fuel injectors for a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. The fuel composition includes a major amount of fuel and a minor, effective amount of a quaternary ammonium salt of a hydrocarbyl amine and a hydrocarbyl-substituted alkyl-hydroxybenzoate. The amount of quaternary ammonium salt present in the fuel is sufficient to improve performance of the fuel injected internal combustion engine having combusted the composition compared to the performance of such engine having combusted a fuel composition that does not contain the quaternary ammonium salt. The hydrocarbyl-substituted alkyl-hydroxybenzoate contains one or more hydrocarbyl substituents providing a total of at least 8 up to about 200 carbon atoms, provided the one or more hydrocarbyl substituents do not contain sulfur, oxygen, or nitrogen atoms.
Inventors: Xinggao Fang (Midlothian)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
April 8, 2014

Garment for accommodating intravenous catheters and gastronomy tube
Patent 8,690,835
A garment for use with a patient requiring treatment with a central venous catheter and/or gastrostomy tube. Access openings are provided through which the catheter or tube may be reached from the outside of the garment and, in the case of the catheter, coiled on the outside of the garment. Flaps are attached to the garment for covering the access openings and securing the catheter or tube under the flaps. When the access openings are connected with an open ended slot to a central longitudinal opening in the front of the garment, the catheter or tube may be passed into the access opening and the garment put on and taken off without disturbing the medical appliance to which the catheter or tube is attached.
Inventors: Nicole A. Parris (Chester)
April 8, 2014

Filtration media for liquid filtration
Patent 8,689,985
Filtration media including at least one layer of nanofibers having average diameters less than 1000 nanometers with optional scrim layer(s) are disclosed for filtering particulate matter in liquid. The media achieve flow rates of at least 0.055 L/min/cm.sup.2 at relatively high levels of solidity. The media have also advantageously been found to have non-diminishing flow rates as differential pressures increase between 2 psi (14 kPa) and 15 psi (100 kPa).
Inventors: W. Douglas Bates, III (Chester); Henricus Jacobus Cornelis Gommeren (Hockessin, Del.); Hageun Suh (Nashville, Tenn.)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
April 8, 2014

Solar tracking sensor array
Patent 8,692,173
The present invention provides an apparatus and method for solar tracking. The solar tracking sensor array and method so disclosed can be used with any device that requires a specific orientation to the sun for optimal operation. The system relies upon a sun tracking mechanism which includes a plurality of phototransistors configured in a particular manner. The apparatus can further be used with an analog sensor circuit which is also disclosed herein. Although the device and method are disclosed in conjunction with a solar tracking device, which includes the analog sensor circuit, a drive assembly, and a power source, these components may be used independently of one another.
Inventors: Karim Altaii (Harrisonburg, Va.); Benjamin Thomas (Powhatan)
April 8, 2014

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