Restaurant workers try their hand at ownership

Betty on Davis

Luray Bucholtz and David Al-Attiyah are two of Betty on Davis’ three owners. Photos by Michael Thompson.

A shuttered Fan space is set to reopen with a landlord who’s a veteran restaurant owner and three operators new to running a business of their own.

Luray Bucholtz, her husband Cole, and David Al-Attiyah plan to open Betty on Davis at 805 N. Davis Ave. The space formerly housed Avenue 805, which closed earlier this year.

Avenue 805 closed

Italian-style restaurant Avenue 805 closed on January 1.

“We want to go back to the basics,” Luray Bucholtz said. “We want to open a place that’s more family-friendly than other places in the Fan.”

Cole Bucholtz used to work at Stella’s under the building’s new owner, Johnny Giavos. “I don’t think it’s a bad location,” said Giavos, who owns a handful of restaurants, including Fan mainstays Sidewalk Café and Kuba Kuba. “If I had the time, I would do something in there myself.”

Giavos and Coleman are also behind a plan to reopen Perly’s at 111 E. Grace St.

Giavos bought the North Davis Avenue property and its contents from Jeffrey and Sarah Baird for $270,000. The property is assessed at $202,000, according to a city record.

Luray Bucholtz and her fellow first-time restaurateurs intend to turn Betty on Davis into a neighborhood bar that caters to families. Bucholtz said she and her co-owners plan to make in-house sausages, pastrami and pickles.

The business partners will let their long history in the restaurant business guide their operation.

Johnny Giavos

Johnny Giavos

The trio met almost a decade ago through their work at different dining spots around town. Al-Attiyah bartends at Bellytimber Tavern in the Fan and at Starlite. Luray Bucholtz is a general manager at Dot’s Back Inn at 4030 MacArthur Avenue. They eventually plan to work at Betty on Davis full time, Bucholtz said.

Bucholtz said she hopes for her first restaurant, she can channel her time at Dot’s, which was featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

“I want people to feel like they are part of my family,” Bucholtz said. “I feel that (at Dots) and hope it translates over here.”

The name, Betty on Davis, is an attempt to make it easy to remember where the restaurant is in the Fan. And Bucholtz said it’s also a reference to the actress Bette Davis.

Bucholtz said she hopes to open Betty on Davis in August.

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Hallie Neville

Having been served by these wonderful people and working with them, I am greatly anticipating this opening. As a resident of the Fan with two small children I am more excited about a place that isn’t scared I am bringing my kids! Kudos and good luck to this trio!!!

adele arevalo

Great news for you guys! Wishing you tons of success!

Linda Seguin

Congratulations to all! It’s a great spot and I wish you much success!