Martin Agency draws an ace for new ad

Courtesy of the Martin Agency.

Kenny Rogers stars in the Martin Agency’s latest Geico ad. Courtesy of the Martin Agency.

In its latest ad created for Geico, The Martin Agency had some fun with a country music legend.

The television spot, part of Geico’s “Did you know” series, features Kenny Rogers – and a play on his biggest hit, “The Gambler.”

The ad, which first aired this week, starts with two people talking about car insurance, like all the “Did you know” ads.

“Well,” the first man begins, “did you know playing cards with Kenny Rogers gets old pretty fast?”

The spot cuts to Kenny Rogers singing, “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em …” to the annoyance of his poker buddies.

Wade Alger, a Martin Agency vice president and group creative director, said the firm likes to build pop culture into Geico commercials. Somehow, Associate Creative Directors Justin Harris and Neel Williams dreamed up an ad featuring Kenny Rogers.

Alger said the agency never knows if a celebrity will agree with the concept of an ad.

“He fully embraced it,” Alger said of Rogers.

They filmed the spot in one day in Los Angeles. Rogers even signed an ace card for Alger.

“It was great to work with him,” he said. “He’s super flexible. I can’t say enough good things about Kenny Rogers.”

The Martin Agency and Geico have worked together for about 20 years on a variety of campaigns, including the iconic Geico gecko and caveman. Alger said the insurance giant is always willing to sit down and talk through ad ideas.

“Geico is a very collaborative client,” Alger said. “Everyone has a seat at the table. It’s more of a discussion.”

A Western-themed commercial in the “Did you know” series was also released this month.

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Elizabeth Williams Martin
Elizabeth Williams Martin

WE here in this ‘olde’ household LOVE this commercial by Kenny Rogers! Speaks right to OUR generation, loudly! Yayyyy, Kenny!